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What We Do

The Collider Accelerator Department (C-AD) Controls Group designs, develops and supports computing solutions for the effective and reliable control, monitoring, and analysis of the injectors and storage rings within the Collider-Accelerator Department.

C-AD Controls Systems Section

Controls Head: Kevin Brown

Deputy: Ted D'Ottavio

The Controls Systems Section is composed of two major sets of groups; Software Systems and Hardware Systems. [show / hide]

‣ The Controls Software Systems

Head: John Morris

The Controls Software Systems consist of three groups, the Front End Software Group, the Applications Group and the System Administration Group. [show / hide]

• Front End Systems Group

Group Leader: Jim Jamilkowski

The Front End Software Group [show / hide]

• Applications Group

Group Leader: Seth Nemesure

The Applications Group [show / hide]

• System Administration Group

Group Leader: Severino Binello

The System Administration Group [show / hide]

‣ The Controls Hardware Systems

Head: Charles Theisen

The Controls Hardware Systems consists of two groups, the Controls Hardware Group and the Access Controls Group.

• Controls Hardware Group

Group Leader: Charles Theisen

The Controls Hardware Group [show / hide]

• Access Controls Group

Group Leader: Jonathan Reich

The Access Controls Group [show / hide]

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Controls Group
Collider Accelerator Department
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P.O.Box 5000
Upton, NY 11973
Phone: 01-631-344-4072
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