Index of RHIC/AP (Accelerator Physics) Notes

Underlined titles indicate postscript files that may be viewed with most standard viewers such as ghostscript, ghostview or pageview or you might want to look at the CERN list of preprints and reports

  1. Title: Gold ion diffusion due to pair production
    Authors: S. Peggs
    Comments: 2 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/1, June 1993

  2. Title: Required accuracy of the RHIC circumference
    Authors: D. Trbojevic, S. Peggs
    Comments: 6 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/2, July 1993

  3. Title: RAPIDE 0.0 (RHIC Accelerator Physics Intrepid Development Environment)
    Authors: T. Satogata, C. Saltmarsh, S. Peggs
    Comments: 22 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/3, August 1993

  4. Title: Report on fiducials for RHIC dipoles and quadrupoles
    Authors: G.F. Dell
    Comments: 13 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/4, July 1993

  5. Title: Comparison of perturbation method and TEAPOT tracking on tune shift calculation
    Authors: J. Wei, G.F. Dell, S. Peggs, T. Satogata, S. Tepikian
    Comments: 11 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/5, July 1993

  6. Title: Lattice information service for the RHIC project
    Authors: C. Saltmarsh, T. Satogata, S. Peggs
    Comments: 3 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/6, August 1993

  7. Title: Comparison of the bellows impedance calculation with measurement
    Authors: V. Mane
    Comments: 5 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/7, August 1993

  8. Title: High Luminosity p-p operation at RHIC
    Authors: M. Harrison
    Comments: 4 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/8, August 1993

  9. Title: Examples of spin rotators and siberian snakes for RHIC
    Authors: A. Luccio
    Comments: 14 pages, (prepared for the June 21-22, 1993 Review)
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/9, August 1993

  10. Title: Beam dynamics and commissioning
    Authors: S. Peggs
    Comments: 36 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/10, September 1993

  11. Title: Roll misalignments and skew errors of IR triplet quads
    Authors: S. Peggs, S. Tepikian
    Comments: 5 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/11, September 1993

  12. Title: Accelerator physics coordinate conventions
    Authors: W. Mackay, S. Peggs
    Comments: 6 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/12, November 1993

  13. Title: LAMBDA manual
    Authors: C. Trahern
    Comments: 55 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/13, October 1993

  14. Title: Trip report: sixth advanced ICFA beam dynamics workshop
    "synchro-betatron resonances"

    Authors: S. Peggs
    Comments: 6 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/14, November 1993

  15. Title: Shielded bellows in RHIC
    Authors: V. Mane
    Comments: 7 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/15, January 1994

  16. Title: RHIC ramps: a proposal
    Authors: T. Clifford, V. Mane, S. Peggs
    Comments: 11 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/16, December 1993

  17. Title: Beam emittance dilution going through profile measurement flags
    Authors: P. Zhou
    Comments: 6 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/17, December 1993

  18. Title: Requested systematic body b5 multipoles in RHIC triplet quadrupoles
    Authors: J. Wei, S. Peggs
    Comments: 15 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/18, December 1993

  19. Title: Coupling and alignment of the PHENIX experiment solenoid in RHIC
    Authors: T. Satogata
    Comments: 8 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/19, December 1993

  20. Title: Rest mass of the fully stripped gold ions
    Authors: D. Trbojevic
    Comments: 2 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/20, January 1994

  21. Title: Parameterization of sextupole correctors
    Authors: G.F. Dell, S. Peggs
    Comments: 4 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/21, March 1994

  22. Title: Interlock gates
    Authors: W. MacKay
    Comments: 3 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/22, March 1994

  23. Title: Tuning curves
    Authors: S. Tepikian, V. Mane, S. Peggs
    Comments: 17 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/23, April 1994

  24. Title: Linear orbit correction in the AGS to RHIC transfer lines
    Authors: T. Satogata
    Comments: 24 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/24, April 1994

  25. Title: Twiss functions and beam sizes of the RHIC insertion
    Authors: S. Tepikian
    Comments: 10 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/25, April 1994

  26. Title: Impedance parameterization of simple geometries
    Authors: V. Mane, S. Peggs
    Comments: 7 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/26, May 1994

  27. Title: AGS to RHIC beam line: application codes
    Authors: W. MacKay
    Comments: 27 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/27, May 1994

  28. Title: Tuning the RHIC insertion for elastic scattering
    Authors: S. Tepikian, W. Guryn
    Comments: 9 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/28, May 1994

  29. Title: ISTK overview and the SDS document
  30. Title: The Glish 2.4 user manual
    Authors: V. Paxson
    Comments: 166 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/30, 10/12/93), June 1994

  31. Title: Effects of changes to arc dipole length
    Authors: S. Tepikian
    Comments: 2 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/31, June 1994

  32. Title: Using small profile changes in the arc dipoles to reduce b4 harmonic errors
    Authors: G.F. Dell, F. Pilat, S. Peggs
    Comments: 19 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/32, August 1994

  33. Title: A generic device description scheme using a relational database
    Authors: T. Satogata
    Comments: 15 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/33, November 1994

  34. Title: Pump out port impedance
    Authors: V. Mane, S. Peggs
    Comments: 6 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/34, October 1994

  35. Title: User commands Sun Release 4.1
    Authors: W. MacKay
    Comments: 18 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/35, August 1994

  36. Title: Collective instabilities in RHIC, Rev. 1.3
    Authors: M. Blaskiewicz, D.P. Deng, W.W. MacKay, V. Mane,
    S. Peggs, A. Ratti, J. Rose, T. Shea, J. Wei
    Comments: 56 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/36, September 1994

  37. Title: Effect of longitudinal variation of multipoles in QRJ magnets
    Authors: J. Wei
    Comments: 3 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/37, September 1994

  38. Title: Low beta insertions in RHIC - miscellaneous issues
    Authors: S. Ohnuma
    Comments: 13 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/38, September 1994

  39. Title: Beam transfer
    Authors: W. MacKay
    Comments: 32 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/39, October 1994

  40. Title: AGS machine studies
    Authors: J. Wei
    Comments: 38 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/40, October 1994

  41. Title: Notes on the helical field
    Authors: V. Ptitsyn
    Comments: 2 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/41, October 1994

  42. Title: Measurement of beta* and alpha* in RHIC insertions
    Authors: S. Ohnuma
    Comments: 5 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/42, October 1994

  43. Title: Beam profile monitor data analysis
    Authors: P. Zhou
    Comments: 18 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/43, October 1994

  44. Title: Linear coupling effect of the helical snake in RHIC
    Authors: F. Pilat
    Comments: 7 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/44, November 1994

  45. Title: Chromatic correction of RHIC when one or two insertions is at beta*=0.5m
    Authors: W. Scandale, S. Tepikian
    Comments: 4 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/45, November 1994

  46. Title: Vacuum pipe heating in RHIC
    Authors: A.G. Ruggiero, S. Peggs
    Comments: 6 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/46, November 1994

  47. Title: Orbit matrices for helical snakes
    Authors: E.D. Courant
    Comments: 6 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/47, November 1994

  48. Title: Effect of longitudinal variation of multipoles in the triplet magnets
    Authors: J. Wei, S. Peggs
    Comments: 4 page
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/48, November 1994

  49. Title: Symmetric designs for helical spin rotators at RHIC
    Authors: V. Ptitsyn
    Comments: 8 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/49, December 1994

  50. Title: Integration of LabView with ATR systems
    Authors: C. Saltmarsh
    Comments: 5 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/50, December 1994

  51. Title: Application of a differential algebra approach to a RHIC helical dipole
    Authors: N. Malitsky
    Comments: 9 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/51, December 1994

  52. Title: Twisted dipoles
    Authors: S. Peggs
    Comments: 2 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/52, December 1994

  53. Title: ATR commissioning software task force report
    Authors: T. D'Ottavio, J. Kewisch, C. Saltmarsh,
    S. Sathe, T. Satogata, D. Shea, S. Tepikian, G. Trahern
    Comments: 92 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/53, December 1994

  54. Title: Musings on event timing for the ATR
    Authors: W. MacKay
    Comments: 3 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/54, December 1994

  55. Title: Crystalline beams in circular accelerators
    Authors: J. Wei, X-P. Li, A.M. Sessler
    Comments: 51 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/55, January 1995

  56. Title: Linear coupling effect of the helical snakes and rotators in RHIC
    Authors: F. Pilat
    Comments: 10 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/56, February 1995

  57. Title: Skew chromaticity
    Authors: S. Peggs, G.F. Dell
    Comments: 22 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/57, January 1995

  58. Title: Correction of the triplet skew quadrupole errors in RHIC
    Authors: F. Pilat
    Comments: 14 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/58, March 1995

  59. Title: Beam dynamics group summary
    Authors: S. Peggs
    Comments: 8 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/59, March 1995

  60. Title:Experimental study of the momentum effects at AGS transition energy
    Authors: J. Wei
    Comments: 37 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/60, March 1995

  61. Title: Beam dump impedance
    Authors: V. Mane
    Comments: 12 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/61, June 1995

  62. Title: The Warm Iron Geometry of the "Average" RHIC Dipole
    Authors: S. Peggs, S. Tepikian, D. Trbojevic, J. Wei
    Comments: 7 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/62, July 1995

  63. Title: Intra Beam Scattering in RHIC
    Authors: J. Wei
    Comments: 17 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/63, July 1995

  64. Title: Coherent bremsstrahlung at relativistic heay ion colliders
    Authors: V.G. Serbo
    Comments: 6 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/64, August 1995

  65. Title: Closed orbit diffusion and detection
    Authors: S. Peggs
    Comments: 4 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/65, August 1995

  66. Title: Parasitic beam-beam collisions and crossing angles in RHIC
    Authors: S. Peggs
    Comments: 7 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/66, August 1995

  67. Title: How to cope with the linear coupling in RHIC
    Authors: S. Ohnuma
    Comments: 19 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/67, September 1995

  68. Title: Thermal Behavior of RHIC BPM Cryogenic Signal Cables
    Authors: P. Cameron, M. Morvillo
    Comments: 8 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/68, January 1996

  69. Title: Emittance growth due to gamma_T-jump quadrupole misalignment
    Authors: J. Wei and S. Peggs
    Comments: 2 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/69, September 1995

  70. Title: Local beam line coordinate system
    Author: Waldo MacKay
    Comments: 2 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/70, October 1995

  71. Title: Effects of CQS and Dipole Misalignments in RHIC
    Authors: J. Wei, S. Peggs, S. Tepikian, P.A. Thompson, D. Trbojevic
    Comments: 14 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/71, October 1995

  72. Title: An Estimate on the Effects of Triplet Magnet Misalignments in RHIC
    Authors: J. Wei, M. Harrison, S. Peggs, P.A. Thompson, D. Trbojevic
    Comments: 7 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/72, October 1995

  73. Title: ATR Magnet Transfer Functions
    Authors: F. Pilat
    Comments: 15 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/73, October 1995

  74. Title: A Proposed Flat Yet Hierarchical Accelerator Lattice Object Model
    Authors: N. Malitsky, R. Talman, F. Dell, S. Peggs, F. Pilat, T. Satogata, S. Tepikian, D. Trbojeic, C. Trahern, L. Schachinger
    Comments: 25 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/74, October 1995

  75. Title: Magnetic Error Compensation and Computer Modeling in RHIC
    Authors: J. Wei
    Comments: Talk at LHC95 Workshop, Montreux, SZ,
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/75, October 1995

  76. Title: ATR Operations Documentation
    Authors: W. MacKay, T. Satogata, S. Tanaka, F. Dell, +many others
    Comments: 178 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/76, October 1995

  77. Title: A Reference Manual for the DB++ Class Library
    Authors: S. Tepikian
    Comments: 31 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/77, November 1995

  78. Title: Momentum collimation at Q9
    Authors: S. Peggs, G.F. Dell
    Comments: 8 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/78, November 1995

  79. Title: The Phase Advance between AtR Flags
    Authors: S. Peggs, N. Tsoupas
    Comments: 8 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/79, December 1995

  80. Title: Feedback Between Accelerator Physicists and Magnet Builders
    Authors: S. Peggs
    Comments: 8 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/80, January 1996

  81. Title: Theorem on Magnet Fringe Field
    Authors: Jie Wei and Richard Talman
    Comments: 5 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/81, January 1996

  82. Title: Error Compensation in Insertion-Region Magnets
    Authors: Jie Wei
    Comments: 8 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/82, January 1996

  83. Title: Magnetic Field Error Coefficients for Helical Dipoles
    Authors: Wolfram Fischer
    Comments: 4 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/83, January 1996

  84. Title: Comparison of Measured and Computed Dynamic Aperture for the SPS and the HERA Proton Ring
    Authors: O. Bruning, W. Fischer, F. Schmidt, F. Willeke
    Comments: 10 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/84, January 1996

  85. Title: Beam Sizes from Q4 to Q4 for Seven Different Operation Scenarios
    Authors: S. Tepikian
    Comments: 9 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/85, February 1996

  86. Title: Review Procedure for Arc Region Magnets
    Authors: J. Wei, S. Peggs, S. Tepikian, P.A. Thompson, G. Trahern, D. Trbojevic
    Comments: 11 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/86, January 1996

  87. Title: Estimating and Adjusting Field Quality in Superconducting Accelerator Magnets
    Authors: R. Gupta
    Comments: 8 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/87, February 1996

  88. Title: Trim Magnets as a Fall-back for Kickers in the Sextant Test
    Author: Waldo MacKay
    Comments: 1 page
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/88, 1 March 1996

  89. Title: SIXTRACK Postprocessing for TEAPOT Output
    Authors: Wolfram Fischer
    Comments: 2 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/89, March 1, 1996

  90. Title: AtR Controls Evaluation Group Meeting Summary
    Authors: Garry Trahern
    Comments: 24 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/90, March 8, 1996

  91. Title: Sextant Test Ramps
    Authors: D.P. Deng, J. Kewisch, B. Martin, J. Rose, S. Peggs
    Comments: 18 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/91, April 11, 1996

  92. Title: Modifications to TEAPOT for Studies of Local Decoupling in the RHIC Arcs
    Authors: L. Schachinger and R. Talman
    Comments: 5 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/92, April 2, 1996

  93. Title: Injection Kickers as Vertical Pingers
    Author: Waldo MacKay
    Comments: 1 page
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/93, April 18, 1996

  94. Title: The iron geometry of RHIC dipoles
    Authors: Steve Peggs
    Comments: 14 pages
    Report-no: RHIC/AP/94, May 1996

  95. Title: RHIC Magnetic Measurements: Definitions and Conventions
    Authors: A.Jain, D.Trbojevic, F.Dell, S.Peggs, P. Wanderer, J. Wei
    Comments: 14 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/95, August 30, 1996

  96. Title: Beam Reconstruction in Longitudinal Phase Space
    Authors: Vibha Mane
    Comments: 30 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/96, July 1996

  97. Title: Experimental Study of Transition Crossing at AGS
    Authors: Jie Wei
    Comments: Talk at 1996 APS/AAPT Joint Meeting
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/97

  98. Title: Measurements of Helical Magnetic Fields Using Flat Rotating Coils
    Authors: Wolfram Fischer
    Comments: 4 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/98, May 8, 1996

  99. Title: Comparing and Defining Magnetic Multipoles: I. MAD and Teapot
    and II. RHIC Measurements and Teapot

    Authors: G. Trahern, F. Pilat
    Comments: 9 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/99, June 1996

  100. Title: Integrated System Tests: AtR and Sextant
    Authors: S. Peggs
    Comments: 40 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/100, June 1996

  101. Title: Squids, Snakes, and Polarimeters: A New Technique for Measuring
    the Magnetic Moments of Polarized Beams

    Authors: P.R. Cameron, A.U. Luccio, T.J. Shea, N. Tsoupas, D. Goldberg
    Comments: 10 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/101, June 1996

  102. Title: EPAC/LHC Magnet Papers
    Authors: Multi-Authors
    Comments: EPAC96 LHC Magnet Papers
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/102, June 1996

  103. Title: AGS to RHIC Transfer Line: Design and Commissioning
    Authors: W. W. MacKay et al.
    Comments: 3 pages; submitted to EPAC96 (Sitges)
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/103, June 1996

  104. Title: Physics of the AGS to RHIC Transfer Line Commissioning
    Authors: T. Satogata, et. al.
    Comments: 3 pages, submitted to EPAC96
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/104, June 1996

  105. Title: IR Magnet Analysis
    Authors: Jie Wei
    Comments: 28 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/105, June 1996

  106. Title: Longitudinal Phase Space Parameters
    Authors: S. Peggs, J. Wei
    Comments: 4 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/106, July 1996

  107. Title: On Measurements of Helical Magnetic Fields Using Devices for Straight Magnets
    Authors: Wolfram Fischer
    Comments: 9 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/107, July 1996

  108. Title: AGS Modifications for High Transition Energy
    Authors: E.D. Courant and D. Trbojevic
    Comments: 4 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/108, July 1996

  109. Title: A Simulation Study on Tune Modulation Effects in RHIC
    Authors: W. Fischer and T. Satogata
    Comments: 7 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/109, August 1996

  110. Title: Preliminary Tracking Results with Helical Magnets in RHIC
    Authors: Wolfram Fischer
    Comments: 6 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/110, August 1996

  111. Title: Report of 1996 Accelerator Modeling Mini-Workshop
    Editor: Steve Peggs
    Comments: 12 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/111, Aug. 14-16, 1996

  112. Title: Emittance Growth in RHIC During Injection
    Authors: W. Fischer, W. MacKay, S. Peggs and J. Wei
    Comments: 8 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/112, September 1996

  113. Title: RHIC Magnet Transfer Functions
    Authors: Fulvia Pilat
    Comments: 30 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/113, October 1996

  114. Title: Four Really Large Hadron Collider papers contributed to Snowmass 96

    Report-no: RHIC/AP/114, October 1996

  115. Title: RHIC Accelerator Commissioning and the Year One Run
    Authors: S. Peggs
    Comments: 17 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/115, November 1996

  116. Title: Absolute Calibration and Beam Background of the Squid Polarimeter
    Authors: Peter Cameron, et. al.
    Comments: 6 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/116, November 1996

  117. Title: Magnet Quality and Collider Performance Prediction
    Authors: Jie Wei
    Comments: 17 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/117, November 1996

  118. Title: An Emittance Exchanger
    Authors: S. Peggs
    Comments: 6 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/118, December 1996

  119. Title: Chaotic Particle Motion in Hadron Storage Rings Exhibiting Decreasing Betatron Amplitudes
    Authors: W. Fischer and F. Schmidt
    Comments: 7 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/119, December 1996

  120. Title: The Particle Tracking Program SIXTRACK on the RAP SUN Computers
    Authors: Wolfram Fischer
    Comments: 4 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/120, December 1996

  121. Title: Effect of Springs on Quadrupoles
    Authors: B. DeVito, G. McIntyre, M. Rehak, J. Sondericker
    Comments: 7 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/121, December 1996

  122. Title: Symplectified ZMaps in the ZLIB++ Library
    Authors: Wolfram Fischer
    Comments: 8 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/122, March 1997

  123. Title: The RHIC Project - Design, Status, Challenges, and Perspectives
    Authors: Jie Wei and Mike Harrison
    Comments: 9 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/123, April 1997

  124. Title: Beam Polarization as the Time-Dependent Parameter in a Parameteric Amplifier
    Authors: P. Cameron
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/124

  125. Title: Osaka Symposium and New Accelerator Projects in Japan
    Author: J. Wei
    Comments: 51 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/125, April 1997

  126. Title: An RF Resonance Polarimeter Phase 1 Proof-of-Principle Experiment
    Authors: P. Cameron, et. al.
    Comments: 9 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/126, January 1998

  127. Title: An Interactive Beam Line Simulator Module for RHIC
    Author: W. W. MacKay
    Comments: 3 pages; submitted to PAC97
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/127, May 1997

  128. Title: Sextant Test Software Post-Mortem
    Authors: D. Barton, T. Clifford, G. Ganetis, L. Hoff, J. Kewisch, J. Laster, J. Morris, T. D'Ottavio, S. Peggs, T. Satogata, G. Trahern
    Comments: 20 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/128, June 1997

  129. Title: DX-D0 Interconnect Shielding
    Author: V. Mane
    Comments: 2 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/129, July 1997

  130. Title: LHC Preliminary IR Analysis and Compensation Schemes
    Author: J. Wei
    Comments: 26 pages (US-LHC TeleVideo)
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/130, July 1997

  131. Title: Summary of Mini-Workshop on UAL and CESR, LHC, RHIC Lattice Description
    Authors: F. Pilat, N. Malitsky, R. Talman, S. Tepikian, G. Trahern, J. Wei
    Comments: 29 pages (first 3 pages on web)
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/131, July 1997

  132. Title: Considerations for Bunch Filling Patterns (without figures)
    Author: Waldo MacKay
    Figures: figure 1 (gif: 15kb), figure 2 (gif: 12kb), and figure 3 (ps: 3.4kb)
    Comments: 2 pages of text, and 3 separate figures.
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/132, August 1997

  133. Title: First RHIC Sextant Test - Results and Accomplishments
    Author: Jie Wei
    Comments: 23 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/133, September 1997

  134. Title: Protons on gold at identical rigidities
    Author: S. Peggs
    Comments: 3 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/134, September 1997

  135. Title: Interaction Region Closed Orbits
    Authors: S. Peggs, V. Ptitsin, S. Tepikian, P. Thompson, D. Trbojevic
    Comments: 26 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/135, December 1997

  136. Title: The Beam Lifetime and Emittance Growth in RHIC under Normal Operating Conditions and with a Hydrogen Gas Jet
    Author: Dejan Trbojevic
    Comments: 12 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/136, October 1997

  137. Title: A Standard FODO Lattice with Adjustable Momentum Compaction
    Authors: D. Trbojevic, E. Courant
    Comments: 2 pages (PAC97)
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/137, November 1997

  138. Title: A Lattice for the Muon Collider Demonstration Ring in the RHIC Tunnel
    Authors: D. Trbojevic, R. Palmer, E. Courant, J. Gallardo, S. Peggs, S. Tepikian and K.Y. Ng
    Comments: 3 pages (PAC97)
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/138, November 1997

  139. Title: Preparing Accelerator Systems for the RHIC Sextant Commissioning
    Authors: D. Trbojevic, F. Pilat, L. Ahrens, D. Barton, T. Clifford, R. Connolly, W. Fischer, M. Harrison, W. MacKay, R. Olsen, S. Peggs, T. Satogata, S. Tepikian, P. Thompson, C.G. Trahern, R. Witkover
    Comments: 3 pages (PAC97)
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/139, November 1997

  140. Title: Alignment of the High Beta Magnets in the RHIC Interaction Regions
    Authors: D. Trbojevic, A. Jain, S. Tepikian, R. Grandinetti, G. Ganetis, J. Wei, F. Karl
    Comments: 3 pages (PAC97)
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/140, November 1997

  141. Title: A Proton Driver for the Muon Collider Source with a Tunable Momentum Compaction Lattice
    Authors: D. Trbojevic, J. Brennan, E. Courant, T. Roser, S. Peggs, K.Y. Ng, C. Johnstone, M. Popovic, J. Norem
    Comments: 3 pages (PAC97)
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/141, November 1997

  142. Title: A Study of Betatron and Momentum Collimators in RHIC
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  154. Title:
    Author: Jie Wei
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/154

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  162. Title:
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/162, October 1998

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    Author: Wolfram Fischer
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    Report-No: RHIC/AP/166, December 1998

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    Authors: A. Drees, W. MacKay, S. White
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    Comments: 3 pages, LHC Beam-Beam Workshop
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/169, April 1999

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    Authors: C. Tang, J. Wei
    Comments: 3 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/171, May 1999

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    Author: S. Tepikian
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    Report-No: RHIC/AP/172, May 1999

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  175. Title: Converging towards a Solution on gamma vs 1/gamma
    Author: Waldo MacKay
    Comments: 1 page
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/175, June 1999

  176. Title: On the Possibility of Observing Transverse Echos in RHIC
    Author: O. Bruening, W. Fischer, B. Parker
    Comments: 20 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/176

  177. Title: Tune Shifts due to Hysteresis
    Author: Steve Peggs
    Comments: 4 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/177

  178. Title: RHIC Polarimeter Impedance Analysis with MAFIA
    Author: Haipeng Wang, Haixin Huang
    Comments: 13 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/178, October 1999

  179. Title: RHIC Beam Experiments for the LHC Era
    Authors: W. Fischer, F. Zimmermann
    Comments: 12 pages
    Report-No: RHIC/AP/179, October 1999

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