Instruction on Warm Snake control  Haixin 3/4/04


The pet page of the warm snake control is located at AGS/Location/E10_HOUSE/AGS_Warm_Snake.  It is similar to many power supplies pet pages.


To turn on the power supply, click "On".To change it to standby, click "Stby". If a fault displayed at "statusStrongM", one may need to click "Stby" a few more times.


There is no need to change the ramp time (12s, which is the fastest it can go from 0 to 2700A). The current can be changed with "setpoint". The two readbacks working right now are "Current[A]" and "Voltage [V]". The "Current [A]" is off by about 7-10A from the set point, but the setpoint is the value one should believe at the moment.

The snake current can be monitored from GPM/Ags/PowerSupplies/E20Snake_currU4.mon.