Invocation of StarOffice for Krisch sheet

  • I recommend dumping the page to the elog from time to time. This makes yet another way to backup the data, but even better, it gives the folks at home a nice view in the elog.

    To start it up

    1. Open a xterm on the Linux screen.
    2. Type: cd Office51/work/pol/FY06
    3. Select the latest version. (Use:"ls -lt" to see the times.)
    4. Type: soffice pp_????.sxc&

    To dump to elog

    The PrintUtility to dump to the elog or printer does not work SUN windows when displayed on the Linux screen. A work-around is to use a graphics program (such as xv) running on the linux screen to grab the SUN window and then dump the grabbed window with the PrintUtility.

  • You can stretch the StarCalc window across the multiple monitors on the Linux console.
  • Note: If the screen won't stretch across more than one monitor, you (or some other sabatour) have enlarged the screen to the full monitor size with the widget button in the upper-right corner of the window. Toggle this maximize button, and then try stretching the screen again.
  • Open a linux terminal (penguin).
  • Run xv: xv&
  • Click with the RIGHT (not left) mouse button in the xv window to bring up the xv control panel.
  • Click on the "Grab" button near the lower right corner of the control panel. A "Grab" window should appear.
  • Iconize or move any windows (other than the "xv Grab" window) from obscuring the StarCalc window.
  • Left-Click on the "Grab" button of the "xv Grab" window. It should vanish.
  • Left-Click on the StarCalc window. The grabbed image should now appear in the "xv" main window. You may have to deiconize it if you hid it away.
  • Use the PrintUtility in the usual way to dump the xv window with the image of the StarCalc window.

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