Unofficial Menu for Operation of AGS IPM

  • Warning: The HV set value should not exceed 2000 (corresponds to 20kV) and the gas leak should not exceed 1500 for vertical and 2000 for horizontal.

    To start it up

    1. Open Agsipm from StartUp/AGS Applications/Agsipm. The integration time should be less than 50ms. The settle time should be set less than 20ms. When first open the program, it is quite often the default settle time is negative number which should be corrected to less than 20ms. A good profile should have peak counts slightly below 1000.
    2. There is a timer to shut off IPM HV and gas leak every 30 minutes. This is a protection feature for ion run. To set gas leak and HV values, open pet page at pet/AGS/instrumentation/ipm. The key parameters on this pet page:AGN.C05_IPMH_LEAK (Setpt~1800, C1 ON); AGN.E15_IPMV_LEAK (Setpt~1000, C1 ON); AGN.IPM_HV (Setpt<=2000, C1 ON); ARI.IPM_CLOCK (C1 ON, C2 filed should NEG).

      Here is an example of the pet page setting.


      Sometimes the pet page does not response to the setpt change or the Agsipm application shows no update on profile, that is indication that the controller need reboot. Following page shows the controller name.

      Mainteined by Haixin Huang