Setup of scope for sequence of ac dip pulses

This is to remind Waldo and others how to set up the LecCroy 9304A scope at MCR3-6 for displaying all four ac dipole pulses.


  1. Set up the trigger.
    1. Take a cable from rack MCR5-1 scope trigger #5 (just above table height) to the start spigot on the row below (3rd from right)
    2. Connect the TP output over to the scope's external trigger.
    3. Leif says that he cranked up with width knob for maximum width.
    4. I XBAR set up trigger #5 to A.GNRC_AGS.EV (Make sure you have the Machine=AGS, cycle=1 or All, and User=correct for polarized protons.)
  2. Scope trigger settings
    1. Push "TIMEBASE SETUP" button under "TIME/DIV" knob.
    2. Set the "Sequence" to "On" and dial up 4 segments.
    3. Dial the "TIME/DIV" knob to 1ms per div.


  1. If triggers don't come out right check that the V102 channel is set up correctly. (Mei's ac dipole application should set up the CLD gauss clock settings correctly.) The correct event code is 173: