AGS Work List

updated on 6/21/06

Given the fact that both vertical and horizontal profiles did not show large polarization loss, the setup with lower horizontal tune may have limited gain in polarization. In the rest three weeks (taken out the last week for 250GeV development), we would like to document the machine and understand where we may lose polarization. By the way, we have the vertical polarization profile data taken for 10% cold snake already. Following is the list discussed today in the spin meeting.

1. Wrap up user2 (lower horizontal tune setup). Document what has been done.[DONE on June 8]
2. Increase polarization on user1 (15% cold snake). Find out why we can or can not do it (a few shifts).[DONE on June 4-5]
3. On the fly injection into AGS to conserve emittance, which is important to maintain polarization (Keith, RF crew).[started on June 20]
4. Develop another setup with even weaker cold snake (6-8%) to see if we can get polarization gain. The setup should be easier as all compensation magnets are going to be weaker ( a few shifts).[DONE on June 18]
5. polarization measurement on the ramp (3 shifts).[user4 DONE on June 13, user2 DONE on June 17-19]
6. user3 vertical polarization profile measurement (one shift).[DONE on June 4]
7. Detail harmonic scan (sine and cosine 9th) on user1 around 36+ (1-2 shifts).[DONE on June 4-5]
8. Document the tunes along ramps in both user1 and user4 machine ( as shown in Junpei's spin tune plots).[user4 DONE on May 31, June 3]
9. Response matrix data at injection and extraction. (Mei, a couple hours).[extraction DONE on June 16]
10. chromaticity measurement at injection and extraction for model development ( a few hours).[user4 DONE on June 17, user1 DONE June 19]
11. Booster longitudinal emittance measurement.
12. using jump target to scraping beam at flattop and measure polarization.[partially DONE on June 13]
13. Measure polarization with gamma_t on/off.[DONE on June 5]
14. Scan 5th harmonic on user4 near Ggamma=5 and measure polarization.[DONE on June2-3]
15. Any polarimeter study? intensity effect?