History of the RHIC Polarized Proton Run FY2006


Jul 10-13 RHIC Retreat 2006

Jun 30

End of Run-6. (21.2 weeks of cryo operation).

Jun 26-30

Warm-up to liquid Nitrogen temperatures.

Jun 20-26

250 GeV accelerator development.

Jun 20

End of 31.2 GeV Physics Run.

Jun 12 Rotator readjustment: PHENIX – longitudinal polarization; STAR and BRAHMS - vertical polarization.
Jun 6

Start of 31.2 GeV Physics Run.  

  Participating experiments: STAR, PHENIX and BRAHMS.
  PHENIX, STAR and BRAHMS– vertical polarization.
Jun 5-6 11 GeV accelerator development.
Jun 5 End of the 100 GeV  Physics Run.
May 10 Rotator readjustment:  PHENIX – longitudinal polarization; STAR – longitudinal polarization
Apr 26 Rotator readjustment:  PHENIX – longitudinal polarization; STAR – vertical polarization.
Apr 14-21 Unscheduled shutdown (investigation of arc flush accident).
Apr 6 Rotator readjustment:  PHENIX  – radial polarization ;  STAR – vertical polarization.
Mar 5

Start of the 100 GeV  Physics Run.

  Participating experiments: STAR and PHENIX.
  PHENIX  – radial polarization ; STAR  – longitudinal polarization.
Feb 12 End of cooldown and PS tests.
Feb 1 Run-6 begins as the ring cooldown to 4K starts.
Jan 30 Vertical ring realignment has been finished.
Jan 26 Ramp with lowered injection energy (Ggamma=45.5) has been developed and tested.
Jan 23-27 RHIC Dry Run.
Jan 19 PLL Feedback Readiness Review.
Jan 16 Start of AGS setup with polarized protons.
Jan 12 Official announcement that RHIC Run-6 will go on.
Jan 9 RHIC Cooldown to 80K begins.
Dec 22 There is a Santa Claus: first news about possible funding for the RHIC Run-6.
Nov 17 Mini-dry run for critical RHIC systems.
Nov 15 BPM system upgrades and repairs completed.
Nov 9 Because of budget problems the Run-6 has been postponed to later part of FY06 .
Oct-Jan RHIC Injection Kicker upgrades for shorter risetime.
Oct-Jan PLL Tune/Coupling Feedback developments and tests.
Oct-Jan Measurements of vertical movement of IR4 and IR8 triplets.
Oct 18 STAR detector shielding completed.
Oct 13 Dependence of beam lifetime and transverse emittance on the number of bunches  has been reported following the analysis of Run-5 data.
Aug-Jan Vacuum upgrade work continues through the all shutdown period.
Aug 29 Lattice with reduced dispersion in IR6 and IR8 triplets has been developed.
Aug 25 Accelerator physics experiment results indicate that beam conditioning (scrubbing) may be effective way for the pressure rise reduction in RHIC.
Jul 19 RHIC Collider Projection updated.
Jun 15-17 RHIC Retreat 2005