The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider Run-14
7.3 GeV and 100 GeV/nucleon Au+Au Operation

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1026cm-2s-1 30
μb-1/week 1000 ??
[as of 01/17/2014]
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Mode 1A: 7.3 GeV/nucleon Au+Au

Start-Up Plan 7.3 GeV/nucleon

Machine Parameters
No of bunches 111
Ions/bunch 1.0x109
Harmonic number 360
Voltage 28 MHz 400 kV
Normalized RMS emittance 2.5 mm.mrad
RMS bunch length 2 m
Beam-Beam tune shift -0.003
beta* for collisions 3.5 m @ IP6 & IP8

Mode 1B: 100 GeV/nucleon Au+Au

Start-Up Plan 100 GeV/nucleon

Machine Parameters
No of bunches 111
Ions/bunch 1.3x109
Blue Ramp WP
28.229 // 29.215
Yellow Ramp WP
28.229 // 29.215
Blue Store WP
28.229 // 29.215
Yellow Store WP
28.229 // 29.215
No of collisions 2
beta* for collisions 0.70 m @ IP6 & IP8
beta* for all other IP's 5.0 m

RHIC Status
    Start of RHIC cooldown to 4K: Feb. 3rd 2014
    Stochastic Cooling: all 3 planes available
    56 MHz SC cavity: in the tunnel
    Low Energy Run:
    first collisions on 2/12-13
    reached STAR and PHENIX goals on 3/11
    High Energy Run:
    started setup on 3/11 @ 08:00
    declared physics with Fill 18046: 111x111 bunches, 0.9e9 ions/bunch
RHIC Au-Au Run Coordinator Operations: Gregory Marr 631-344-7810 (office)

Vincent Schoefer 631-344-8453 (office)

Travis Shrey 631-344-7451 (office)
RHIC 7.3 GeV Au-Au Run Coordinator planning: Christoph Montag 631-344-4820 (office)
RHIC 100 GeV Au-Au Run Coordinator planning: Guillaume Robert-Demolaize 631-344-8215 (office)
Scheduling Physicist: Chuyu Liu 631-344-4431 (office)
AGS liaison: Haixin Huang 631-344-5446 (office)