Run 10 Au-Au Start-up Task lists
(NOTE: Preliminary)
Basic schedule during this period

power supply checkout
check p.s.'s are ready for testing
Don Bruno
Oct. 1
RF conditioning
prepare cavities for operating voltages
Alex Zaltsman
Abort kicker thyratrons
test and prepare for operation, evaluate kicker stability against misfires
Jianlin Mi
AtR power supply checkout
to be prepared for extraction and setup by Nov. 23
Dave Phillips
AGS Extraction, AtR
prepare AGS extraction and AtR transport for Au ions
Nick Tsoupas, Vincent Schoefer
Nov. 25

Injectors Setup (based on Kip Gardner notes)
NSRL runs during the day on weekdays from Mon 21 Sept through Fri 20 Nov. During the NSRL run, Booster and AGS setup with gold ions
can proceed only on weekday evenings and on weekends.
Au31+ beam to TTB beamstop

Sun 15 Nov
injection, capture and acceleration of Au31+ in Booster

Mon 16 Nov
Work on AGS Radiation Safety Check-Off

Complete AGS Radiation Safety Check-Off List

Tue 17 Nov
extraction of Au31+ from Booster and transport to AGS

Au77+ injection in AGS on AU1
Measure revolution frequency

setup capture of debunched beam on h = 12

Accelerate on h = 12
making sure that any loss of beam occurs on the J10 dump.

Booster-AGS synchro with bunch-to-bucket capture at h = 24
Make sure that any loss of beam occurs on the J10 dump.
Wed 18 Nov
4 transfers of Au31+ from Tandem to Booster

cogging of 4 transfers of Au31+ from Booster to AGS.

Thur 19 Nov
24-to-12 and 12-to-4 merges
Make sure that any loss of beam occurs on the J10 dump

Complete work on merges and accelerate to top energy.
Make sure that any loss of beam occurs on the J10 dump.
Fri 20 Nov
J7 jump target for putting Au79+ ions into the J10 dump.

AGS transition jump.

Optimize Booster and AGS setups.
Make sure that any loss of beam occurs on the J10 dump
Sat 21 Nov
Optimize Booster and AGS setups.

Sun 22 Nov
Beam activity suspended for EBIS work in Booster (day periods)
Beam setup can continue evenings and nights.
Need to ensure EBIS work doesn't affect Au31+ setup in Booster
Mon - Tue,
23-24 Nov
complete Radiation Safety Check-Off items to allow
extraction from AGS to the W-dump.

Mon 23 Nov
extraction of Au77+ from AGS.

Wed 25 Nov
transport to W-dump

AGS extraction and ATR transport work

Optimize Booster, AGS and ATR setup.

Raise intensity and optimize

25 Nov - 4 Dec

Cooldown Mode
AGS to RHIC synchro, set target frequency
RF group

AGS extraction, AtR
prepare injection into RHIC through X- and Y- arcs
Nick Tsoupas, Vincent Schoefer

Blue initial injection,

coasting beam
when blue magnets are ready (with or without hysteresis) start injection setup
- injection with kicker off (bo6-tv9 and yo5-tv9 to 1.3 mrad)
- check for obstacles
- establish 1st turn and coasting beam
- injection with kicker on / adjust kicker timing
- minimize injection losses (> 90 %)
- improve optimize beam lifetime, prepare for RF capture
- If steady coasting beam, give time to Stochastic cooling for initial setup
Shift crew, MCR,
Wolfram (injection program)

Mike B./Stochastic cooling crew
2 eve and
2 nights

 1 eve
Begin RF commissioning
RF capture
setup captured beam
establish RF voltage and initial AGS to RHIC match
RF Group
1 eve &
Blue Main Magnet setup
Check-out cold magnets
Train DX magnets
establish hysteresis to γ =107.4
confirm ramp and quench protection
exercise ramps
Don Bruno & P.S. group
6 days
begin instrumentation setup
- rev tick needed, BPM timing
- injection damper
- Artus tunemeter

Rob H., Rob M., Todd S.
Angelika D., Rob M.
Angelika D., Rob M., Jonathan L.
BBQ Crew

Roger L.

RHIC Yellow magnet setup
magnet ramps
same as Blue setup
test ramps
hysteresis ramps
Don Bruno & P.S. group
6 days
Non-linear chromaticity

blue ring with beam at store
- check old configuration and corrections
- check new correction system with beam
Yun, Steve
1 shift
ORM @ Injection
Requires BPM timing setup
- good activity while awaiting ability to ramp
- useful if there is doubt about polarities (from valve box work)
1/2 shift
transverse injection matching
another good activity while awaiting ability to ramp
Todd, Greg
1/2 shift
IPM calibration
beam setup

Roger C., Instr. Group
1/2 shift
beam based alignment

Todd, ?
1/2 shift
Dispersion of injection lattice
one beam based verification of magnet polarities (from valve box work)
Todd, ?

Start-Up Mode

Yellow injection
establish injection
yellow synchro
circulating beam
bunched beam and lifetime
Provide Stochastic cooling with steady beam for setup
Shift crew, MCR

Mike B., Stoch. Cooling Group
1 shift
Instrumentation Setup
- BPM's
- Tunemeter (Atrus)
- Injection Damper
- Schottky

Timing, polarities, offsets
timing (tunes < 0.5)
configuration (tunes < 0.5)

Rob H., Rob M., Todd S.
Angelika D., Rob M.
Angelika D., Rob M., Jonathan L.
Instrum., Roger L.
BBQ Crew

Roger L.

Machine Tuning
- orbit correction
- bend trim/orbit radius
- decoupling
- chromaticity
- optics measurements

Steve T.
Mei, Todd

BBQ for tune feedback
Ready for 1st ramp!
BBQ crew

Ramp Development
intensity < 0.2 x 109 per bunch, 6 bunches
corrector settings from Run8 / 7

-do injection corrector setting from previous Au run still work?
  early ramp settings work? can they propagate?
- use scaled corrector setting for inj. and early ramp, then propagate.
Assume tune feedback / BBQ is working and improves time to
setup the ramps.
Shift crew, MCR
3 days
RF setup and radial loop

RF group

orbit correction along ramp
probably iterates with tune feedback and ramp setup
Shift Crew, MCR (& Vadim)

Transition crossing
phase timing
jump timing
chromaticity jump?
Shift Crew, MCR (& Christoph)

Transition diagnostics

decoupling along the ramp
- use IR skew setting from previous run (which one? Run 8 / 7)
(don't go back to run 4, though)

chromaticity along the ramp
Try chromaticity feedback?
chromaticity jump
Shift Crew, MCR
(& Steve T., Christoph)

Experiment magnets
PHENIX & STAR switch on at store
adjust ramp
Shift Crew, MCR

Store Development
6 - 56 bunches

increase bunch intensity to > 1 x 109
Then increase number of bunches
establish collisions
DX BPM timing

Shift Crew, MCR


Store Optics
Tape sequences?
orbit correction
dispersion function measurement and correction
IR nonlinear corrections
tune scans: working point scans
optics measurements (AC dipole)
MCR, Controls
Shift Crew

(Steve T.)


collimation setup

Angelika, Guillaume

gap cleaning

Shift Crew, MCR (Angelika)

Slow orbit feedback
new system to be commissioned
Instrum. Crew

Store to Store reproducability

reduce vertex with storage cavities
RF group

Commission new LLRF
from the beginning - at least 5 days to make fully functional
RF group

Vernier scans
Do automatic scans work yet?

Ramp Up Mode

ramp development with intense beam
>1 x 109, >56 bunches; goal to get to 110 bunches
define and document optimal operational parameters
emittance and emittance growth
bunch to bunch emittance?
emittance of last bunch in bunch train
Shift Crew, MCR
5 - 7 days
pressure rise

SY, Wolfram

increase bunch number: ramp development
increase bunch intensity
increase number of bunches
reduce losses
longitudinal separation
Shift Crew, MCR

detector backgrounds
optimize and document orbits
improve collimation
Shift Crew, MCR
( & Angelika, Guillaume)

optimize gap cleaning
until Stochastic cooling is working, will be needed

optimize beginning of store
Vernier Scans

We don't declare physics until we have vernier scans

Stochastic Cooling commissioning
Steady stores during the Days
Stoch. Cooling Group
3 - 4 weeks