AGS Division Technical Notes 1965-1998

1Th. SluytersStatus Report Preinjector (1)07/21/65
2R. CasselMG. Set Voltage Recorder07/23/65
3C. ChristiansonAutomatic Target Transfer System07/26/65
4R. DammHigh Gradient Column Dividing Resistors08/24/65
5Th. SluytersStatus Report (2) Concerning High Gradient Preinjector and 50 MeV Fast Emittance Device09/28/65
6J.C. SchuchmanA Hollow Metal O-Ring as a Vacuum Seal for the AGS10/11/65
7J.C. SchuchmanOperation of Three (3) Electronic Leak Detectors10/20/65
8J.C. SchuchmanHollow Metal O-Ring Vacuum Seals11/10/65
9Th. SluytersStatus Report (3) Concerning High Gradient Column and 50 MeV Fast Emittance Device11/30/65
10J.C. SchuchmanSurvey of Available Bellows Sealed Vacuum Valves02/03/66
11Th. SluytersProgress Report (4) concerning High Gradient Column02/04/66
12J. C.Schuchman Report on Trip to Cambridge Electron Accelerator02/18/66
13A. OtisMain Magnet Power Supply Electronic Peakers Instructions for Testing Plug-in Modules02/21/66
14A.W. MaschkeMultiturn Extraction from an AGS03/09/66
15R.R. AdamsAGS Operations Summary for 196503/11/66
16A.W. MaschkeA Method of Interchanging Horizontal and Vertical Phase Space Area03/25/66
17H. WroeDetails of the Oxide Cathodes Used in the AGS Duoplasmatron Source03/29/66
18H. WroeSome Additional Emittance Results with the Mark II Duoplasmatron Source03/30/66
19Th. SluytersShort Column Progress Report04/18/66
20E.C. RakaSuppression of Vertical Coherence in the AGS04/18/66
21J.C. SchuchmanTrip Report California 6/6-6/11, 196606/14/66
22A. WattsBeam Measurement with the Fast Kicker06/16/66
23E.B. ForsythThe Nest Fast Kicker07/25/66
24J.C. SchuchmanOval Metal Seals (Del. Mfg. Co.)08/23/66
25Th. SluytersHigh Gradient Pre-Accelerator09/27/66
26D. BerleyLow Energy K Beam09/29/66
27J.C. SchuchmanMetal Seals for the Superperiod Pumping Mock-up10/05/66
28J.C. SchuchmanLo-Load Metal Seals10/20/66
29Th. SluytersProgress Report (7) Concerning Short Column12/28/66
30C. StewartNEWTRAP, a PDP-8 Monitor Debugging Program01/24/67
31J.C. SchuchmanAGS Vacuum Seals02/02/67
32R.R. AdamsAGS Operations Summary for 196602/15/67
34J.C. SchuchmanMetal Vacuum Seals for the AGS03/23/67
35Th. SluytersShort Column Progress (8)03/24/67
38A.W. MaschkeSome Remarks about Coherent Oscillations06/05/67
39Th. SluytersShort Column Progress (9)07/06/67
40M. PlotkinLine Harmonics07/14/67
41C. GouldCalculations for Vacuum Pump Size and Spacing in Beam Pipe Lines at NAL11/06/67
42J.C. SchuchmanSensitivity Comparison of Helium Leak Detector vs. Mass Spectrometer (Residual Gas Analyzer)11/15/67
43Th. SluytersQuarterly Status Report (10)01/02/68
44S. SenatorEpoxy Bonding Tests for the High Gradient Accelerator Column01/08/68
45F. PallasBackleg Windings01/31/68
46H. HsiehMagnetic Inflector for 200 MeV Injection02/08/68
47R. AmariConstruction and Testing of the High Gradient Accelerating Column Test Section02/21/68
48J.C. SchuchmanMetal C-Ring Vacuum Seals for AGS03/11/68
49M. FruitmanDesign of the New Fast Kicker03/19/68
50J.C. SchuchmanAero Vac AVA-1 Residual Gas Analyzer Operating Procedure04/05/68
51E.B. Forsyth,J. Grisoli Notes on Extracted Beams04/17/68
52U. VogelRemanent Fields and Their Longitudinal Axis in AGS Deflection Elements05/17/68
53F. PallasSlow External Beam Septum and Ejector Assemblies05/25/68
54Th. SluytersA Duoplasmatron with Oscillating Electrons09/27/68
55P. ClarkeDesign of a Vacuum System for Spare Duoplasmatron Ion Source10/08/68
56U. VogelAn Isolation Circuit for Control Room Power Supplies10/30/68
57M. FruitmanStatus of the New Fast Kicker Design12/09/68
58Th. SluytersInvestigation of a High Voltage Breakdown Problem that Occurred during Installation of the New 750 kV High Gradient Accelerating Tube in the Cockcroft-Walton Pit.12/10/68
59L. Blumberg,A. Soukas Fast-Slow Extraction at F10 Induced by the Fast Kicker01/17/69
60P. ClarkeSome Errors in Gauge Calibration04/17/69
61R.A. LarsonA Front Biter for the 200 MeV Proton Beam: Preliminary Considerations06/20/69
62L.E. RepetaV.J. Buchanan Electrostatic Inflector07/08/69
63J.G. CottinghamA.V. Soukas Power Supply System for H10 Septum Magnet07/28/69
64J.G. CottinghamVertical Bump Coil Power System07/29/69
65G. FiskePhase Space Ellipses For a Model AGS08/26/69
66G. FiskeGradient Perturbations in a Model AGS09/03/69
67J.C. SchuchmanSimplified Design of long linear vacuum system09/18/69
68C.A. ChristiansonTarget Transport System09/30/69
69L.N. BlumbergBeam Optics for the Slow Beam Extension10/29/69
70E.J. RutanDeterioration of Electrical Insulation of Main Magnet Coils from Magnet G-111/12/69
71J.G. CottinghamG.P. Bagley Feasibility Test Fast Backleg Beam Deflection12/08/69
72R.J. WarkentienG.W. Bennett A Proposed Detector for Slow External Beams12/31/69
73R.J. WarkentienG.W. Bennett G10 Monitor Telescope08/18/70
74C.L. GouldProposal for Increasing the Lifetime of a Sputter-Ion Pump when Pumping Hydrogen03/03/70
75J.J. GrisoliH.C. Hseuh A Splitter System for the Slow Extracted Beam03/12/70
76J. SchuchmanVacuum System For The H10 Fast Ejector Magnet Assembly03/16/70
77J.G. CottinghamVoltage Ripple on Slow Beam Extraction Equipment03/25/70
78R. FrankelComputer Controlled Power Supplies05/01/70
79J. G.Cottingham A. Tranis, G.P. Bagley Fast Backleg Winding Supply Design Parameters09/02/70
80R. FrankelAGS Central Computer Facility09/22/70
81J.C. SchuchmanInvestigation of Non-Uniform C-Ring Seal Compression in AGS Conversion Chamber09/28/70
82J.G. CottinghamDamage Reductions in Electrostatic Septum Arcs.10/07/70
83L. Repeta,G. Bennett Temperature Measurement of Tungsten and Beryllium Targets in Air12/01/70
84J.G. CottinghamFringing Fields from the Electrostatic Septum04/21/71
85E.J. RutanTests of Bracket and Coil Insulation Magnets A-1, B-1, G-10 and G-11 after April 1971 shutdown06/11/71
86J.G. CottinghamDeuteron Acceleration in the AGS08/03/71
87E.J. RutanInterim Report on Control of Siemens Generator Voltage During Pulsing08/11/71
88R. FrankelInformal Datacon System Report12/06/71
89J. Guthy,G.W. Bennett G10 90 Monitor Telescope01/14/72
90J. HerreraBeam Intensity in the AGS01/20/72
91G.P. BagleyInjection Pulse Generator System02/04/72
92J.G. CottinghamComputer Interface with the Converted Pick-Up Electrode System03/28/72
93L. Blumberg,J. Gabusi, J. Glenn, G. Levine, D. Rahm CBM Polyethylene Foil Calibration05/09/72
94Th. SluytersA Note on Deuteron Acceleration in Linac and AGS06/08/72
96E. RakaThe E20 Wide Band Pick-up Electrode06/26/72
97J. Guthy,J. Glenn, G.W. Bennett G10 900 Monitor Telescope07/26/72
98E.C. RakaThe New Beam Ticklers07/26/72
99R.R. Adams,J.G. Cottingham, D.A. Davis, R.B. Gottschalk Siemens Power Supply Motor-Generator Set Motor Rotor Failure09/29/72
100J. ClausTolerances for the Quadrupoles in Linac & HEBT12/14/72
101M.Q. BartonChoice of RF Cavity Impedances01/08/73
102A. vanSteenbergen Beam Intensity in the AGS01/20/73
103J.G. CottinghamImpedance Reduction in the AGs Rf system01/23/73
104G. Lawrence(LASL), T. Hayward (LASL), K. Prelec, Th. Sluyters Cs Injection into a Duoplasmatron06/06/73
105A. McGearyDescription of the Slow Extracted Beam Security System Circuits06/15/73
107M. Q.Barton Possible Injection Lines for H Injection06/20/73
108K. PrelecAcceleration of Heavy Ions in the AGS09/05/73
109R. DammLinac High Voltage Cable Assembly01/31/74
110K. PrelecStripping of H in a Magnetic Field06/04/74
111G. BagleyMaintenance-Operating Instructions Fast Backleg Winding Supply07/11/74
112F. Hornstra,L. Blumberg, J. Glenn, J. Keane, Y.Y. Lee, L.W. Smith, A. Soukas Slow Beam Extraction Efficiency Measurement Using Calibrated Loss Monitors09/16/74
113L. Blumberg,J. Glenn, Y.Y. Lee, F. Hornstra, J. Keane, M. Month, L.W. Smith, A. Soukas Beam Loss Due to G10 Targeting09/17/74
114R. McK-WilsonImprovement in the Bond Strength of Metal to Ceramic Epoxy Joints10/25/74
115E. Raka,M. Month Suppression of Transverse Instabilities by Octupole Lenses01/28/75
116L.W. SmithMultiple Scattering in Thin Layers08/28/75
117V. Agoritsas,J. Balsamo, R. Witkover Calibration of the Secondary Emission Chambers C010 and A30001/22/76
118E.C. RakaThe Transverse Coherence Dampers03/03/76
120L.W. SmithStochastic Cooling For Pedestrians06/21/76
121E.C. RakaA Beam Loading Analysis for the AGS Plus, Addendum, dated 7/27/7606/30/76
122L.W. SmithDecay of Fluctuation Status in Stochastic Cooling07/12/76
123J. LeMaire,J. Stephens, A. Webster, R. Witkover Measurements of Linac Steering Dipoles08/03/76
124L.W. SmithA Walker s Guide to Decoherence Times in Stochastic Cooling09/01/76
126Y.Y. LeeSlow External Beam Layout and Optics at the AGS10/28/76
127Y.Y. LeeNew 200 MeV Branch Line to BLIP11/10/76
128Y.Y. Lee,P. Wanderer Background in Neutrino Beam due to beam Loss12/02/76
129Y.Y. LeeConstruction of Lower Intensity Primary Proton Beam01/12/77
130V. Agoritsas,Y.Y. Lee, R. Witkover Beam Size Measurement for Feb.01/13/77
131H. WeisbergOption for Improving the Slow Extracted Beam03/18/77
132H. WeisbergAn Improved F10 Switchyard Design04/14/77
133J. W.Glenn, H. Weisberg Studies of Slow Beam Extraction with and Without and Electrostatic Septum05/06/77
134R. SandersAGS Cable Television System05/17/77
135V. AgoritsasMeasurements of high energy proton fluxes using foil activation techniques (FAT)06/20/77
136V. AgoritsasEvaluation tests of two special secondary emission chambers06/28/77
137P. GuideeProposal to eliminate parasitic harmonics in the AGS rf low level by means of a phase-locked loop07/28/77
138K. Poulton,E. Gill, S. Naase, J. Glenn Rustrak Data Monitoring08/24/77
139J. CurtissMaximum Speed of Mechanical devices in a digital comparison positioning system09/02/77
140J. CurtissPotentiometers for Position Readout09/20/77
141J.W. Glenn,H. Weisberg Tests of an electrostatic wire septum model in the AGS12/14/77
142E. Gill,S. Naase, J. Gabusi AGS Internal Targets01/24/78
143J.R. JahelkaLead Plated C-Ring Evaluation01/27/78
144W. FreyVideo Splatter on Versatec Hard Copy02/14/78
145H. WeisbergGauss Clock Calibration03/13/78
146J. Curtiss,J.D. Klein, R. Witkover An Eight-Channel High Voltage Bias Supply05/09/78
147J. Gabusi,E. Gill, J. W. Glenn, R. Samadani, A. Soukas SEB Spill Servo09/29/78
148J. CurtissContinuity of Electric Power at the AGS Plus an Addendum11/08/78
149W. FreyLow Field Correction Readback Evaluation11/14/78
150J. Cottingham,D. Davis, A.Feltman AGS Main Magnet Power Supply Limitations of Long Flat Top Operation01/22/79
151T. NguyenHOP, The Modified Program of H.O.P.I.01/24/79
152J.G. CottinghamF5 Septum Failure Analysis03/22/79
153W. FreyAGS Cable Television System04/17/79
154J.G. CottinghamH5 Beam Kicker Nose Bump and Coil Position Determination05/01/79
155H. WeisbergSEB Emittance Measurements10/17/79
156R. Preston(summer student), L. Ahrens, E. Gill Normalized Sum/Difference Monitor for Pick-up Electrode Amplifiers11/08/79
157J.R. JahelkaAGS Vacuum Seal Guide12/12/79
158J.R. JahelkaNotes on special AGS main ring vacuum chambers12/14/79
159G. Cornish,J. Gabusi, J.Glenn, R. Warkentien FEB Performance Data Transmission12/17/79
160J. Dabrowski,E. Gill, F. Martin, S. Naase HEBT Steering (EBST)01/08/80
161J.F. SkellyFuture AGS Control Stations01/16/80
162W. FreyMultichannel Display System Expansion03/1/78
163H. WeisbergEffective Spill Length Monitor04/14/80
164J. CurtissDATACON, the AGS Computer Control System05/16/80
165Y.Y. LeeSensitivity Requirement of the High Energy Polarimeter05/30/80
166L. AhrensAGS Wide Band Wall Current Monitor06/02/80
167D.A. Barge,Location of SEB Drive Sextupoles12/16/80
168H. WeisbergMore SEB Emittance Measurements02/17/81
169J. Dabrowski,Buffer Reader Multiplex System03/04/81
170R. NawrockyMeasurements of the Pulsed Field in the New H- 5 Kicker Magnet05/20/81
171E. GillAGS Internal Targets Operation Note06/15/81
172W. Frey,H-5 Fast Kicker Magnet Pulser07/01/81
173H.L. WeisbergBeam Profile Monitors for the AGS07/08/81
174E. Gill,AGS Master Clock System08/20/81
175R. LambiaseGauss Clock Stabilization of the Main Magnet Power Supply10/14/81
176J. RyanThe U Line 198111/05/81
177W.W. GlennSEC Response to Beam HALO10/29/81
178D. Edwards,Jr. The Outgassing of Magnet Laminations01/04/82
179W. FreyFlag Video Profile Generator01/07/82
180E. RodgerEddy Current Effects of Septum-backleg Springs in the H-10 Magnet03/09/82
181J.F. RyanThe QTUNE Program -- The AGS Extracted Beam Transport Program08/04/82
182R.T. SandersVacuum Chamber Resistor-Capacitor Networks10/13/82
183L. AhrensThe Dead Reckoning of the AGS Ring PUE System11/24/82
184E. RodgerImproved Mechanical Seal for Aluminum Vacuum Windows12/13/82
185E. RakaOn-line Tune Measurements in the AGS12/20/82
186Y.Y. LeeStudy of the Injection to the AGS Accumulator Booster Ring04/08/83
187Y.Y. Lee,Accumulator Booster for the AGS as a Heavy Ion Booster04/15/83
188Y.Y. LeeA Refinement to the A/B Ring Lattice08/08/83
189H.J. Halama,Pressure Limits in Accelerator Vacuum System10/24/83
190Y.Y. LeeChromaticity Correction Sextupoles for the AGS10/24/83
191B. EwingTest Procedure for LRM/SEM Duel Gain Amplifier Circuits11/30/83
192R.L. WitkoverH Source Handbook12/22/83
193R.J. EdwardsUsing the IBM PC/XT as an advanced engineering workstation12/28/83
194W. Frey,RF Predriver Gain and Power Measurements01/23/84
195L.A. AhrensLow Field Dipoles for Polarized Proton Acceleration02/01/84
196H-C. HseuhThe Vacuum System of Tandem-AGS Beam Transport Line02/08/84
197M. PlotkinPre-Conversion Cavity Ferrite Measurements03/14/84
198J. RyanMeasuring a Beam Emittance Using Linear Least-Square Analysis03/21/84
199L. Ahrens,Spill Structure in the AGS 10 Hz 100Hz04/24/84
200G. Baribaud,(visitor, CERN ) Preliminary Study on the Operational Aspects and Hardware Standardization of the AGS Controls06/21/84
201W. FreyOperation Notes Boussard Beam Compensation06/29/84
202C. Conrad(BNL Sec. Pool) Guide for the Organization of the Conference on the Intersections Between Particle and Nuclear Physics06/29/84
203L.E. RepetaForces and Deflections on Neutrino Horn End Plates06/25/84
204A. FeltmanCalculation of Motor Speed of the Siemens M.G. Set During a Pulse07/31/84
205L.E. RepetaNeutrino Horn with Eccentric Inner Conductor08/06/84
206Daniel Boussard(CERN SPS RF grp) Some beam related rf topics (AD lectures 9/8- 14/84)10/01/84
207S.Y. Lee,Resonance Jumping of Polarized Protons09/04/84
208K. KohlerAGS Standard Package for Electronic Controls10/04/84
209E. RakaBunch-to-bunch Transverse Feedback for the AGS10/12/84
210G. Baribaud(visitor/CERN), Discussion on the new AGS control System12/06/84
211S. Tepikian,Sextupoles, Dipole Kicker Correctors for Booster02/12/85
212K.A. Brown,Maximum Limiting Apertures in the AGS04/12/85
213J. FunaroA Ripple Reduction Technique for Poly Phase Power Supplies04/19/85
214J. RyanBeam Line Ray Tracing04/26/85
215E. J.Bleser Where are the AGS Magnets?05/20/85
216K. HillmanThyratron protect system for polarized proton modulators06/03/85
217E. BleserThe Optimum Central Orbit in the AGS07/22/85
218A.V. Feltman,Controls Upgrade for the AGS Main Magnet Power Supply07/23/85
219M. PuglisiIntroduction to fields in hollow cylindrical pipes and cavity resonators for RFQ (Part -1)08/85
220I.M. MethPreliminary study of ac power feeders for AGS booster10/02/85
221Zhen-Guo Li,A Pulsed Low Current Test Source10/02/85
222Zohreh ParsaGuide to Vax VMS and CDC10/85
223Zohreh ParsaGuide to Vax VMS and CDC 2nd Edition11/85
224R.L. Witkover,The HITL Faraday Cup Amplifier11/08/85
225H.C. Hseuh,Gas Load (Q) Measurements of the AGS Ring Vacuum Sectors11/07/85
226Zohreh ParsaHarmon and MAD403 Revisions11/85
227Zohreh ParsaFILE printing for pedestrians11/85
228Zohreh ParsaGuide to Accelerator Physics Program DIMAD12/85
229E.D. Courant,Emittance Blow-Up in the Tune Jump11/27/85
230J. Brodowski,Preinjector Doublet01/20/86
231Zohreh, ParsaGuide to accelerator physics program transport01/86
232X.F. Zhao,Some Corrections for the AGS Booster01/31/86
233E.D. Courant,The Booster Lattice01/15/86
234Z. ParsaBooster parameter list01/16/86
235Z. Parsa,Booster coordinates01/17/86
236Z. ParsaBooster coordinates update01/28/86
237E. Bleser,1985 Vertical Survey of the AGS01/23/86
238R.C Gupta,The Heavy Ion Injection Line for the AGS Booster02/12/86
239Y.Y. LeeRequirement for the AGS Booster Correction Elements02/12/86
240M.A. GoldmanBias Current Geometry for the AGS Large Ferrite Test Stand02/14/86
241K. PrelecPossible Design of a Volume H- Ion Source02/18/86
242Z. ParsaBooster parameter list with 1,2,4,7 sextupole configuration02/12/86
243E. Courant,Chromaticity correction for the AGS booster with 1,2,4,7 sextupole configuration03/05/86
244Z. Parsa,Booster parameter list with 40 kV rf voltage03/10/86
245R. WitkoverThe HITL Differential Analog Receiver03/18/86
246E. Auerbach,FORTRAN Code Additions for Inclusion of Special Functions in MAD04/01/86
247M. PuglisiSome Thoughts for the RF System of the AGS04/04/86
248S.Y. Zhang,RFQ Amplitude04/09/86
249J.M. BrennanSingle Micro-Bunches from the Linac04/14/86
250R.E. ThernThe 1985 Horizontal Survey04/28/86
251S.Y. LeeStudy of the AGS Random Misalignment Error05/19/86
252X.F. Zhao,Resonance Jumping for Polarized Protons05/21/86
253R. ThernThe 1985 Horizontal Survey Part II, Magnets05/30/86
254R. ThernPresent Order of Magnets in the AGS Ring, with B.dl Offsets06/05/86
255L. Ahrens,Polarized Protons 1986 and Recommendations for Future Operation07/01/86
256Z. ParsaProgram MAD, version 507/86
257Z. Parsa,Guide to accelerator physics program SYNCH vax version this is an online manual in BNLDAG::DUAO (PARSAl.SYNCH)05/86
258H.C. HseuhEvaluation of the AGS Turbopumps07/31/86
259J.M. BrennanWhy Put Beam into the AGS that you Can t Get Out? (A suggestion for a pre-Linac rf chopper)08/07/86
260Zohreh ParsaAccelerator Physics program MARYLIE, Version 308/11/86
261W. Schaffer(Summer Student) A Proposal to Use a Charge-coupled Device in the Ionization Profile Monitor in the AGS08/12/86
262W. Schaffer(Summer Student) A Proposal to Use a CCD in the External Beam Line for Low Intensity Beam Diagnostics08/12/86
263W. FreyHeavy Ion RF Power Amplifier Crowbar08/28/86
264K.A. Brown,Beam Induced Radioactivity Around the AGS Ring09/26/86
265P. Yamin,A Yt Jump Scheme for the Brookhaven AGS09/26/86
266Y.Y. LeeA Thought on Very Low Energy Anti-Protons10/17/86
267W. Schaffer(Summer Student) A Proposal to Use a Laser Based Detection System in the AGS for Beam Diagnostics11/06/86
268J. Tuozzolo,Design Requirements for a New AGS Marman Clamp11/20/86
269Y.Y. Lee,A conceptual design for a very low energy antiproton source12/03/86
270W. Frey,L-10 Accelerating Stations12/15/86
271Z Parsa,Guide to accelerator physics program SYNCH CDC version -01/12/87
272R. FrankelThe New LLRF System: Theory of Operation and Recommendations for Future Upgrades01/20/87
273H.C. HseuhPressure Distribution Along the AGS Vacuum Chambers01/21/87
274W. Frey,TV Bandwidth Limitation for Computer Page Display02/03/87
275E. BleserThe 1986 Vertical Survey of the AGS02/04/87
276E. Auerbach,Comments on the AGS chromaticity02/25/87
277W. Frey,Low Level rf distribution03/02/87
278A. Hershcovitch,Trapping Decelerated Anti-Protons03/26/87
279Y.Y. Lee,The AGS Stretcher with Room-Temperature Magnets04/02/87
280Charles Steinbach(CERN visitor) Study of a New Extraction Scheme05/04/87
281W. FreyRF Bandwidth Considerations VHF Bunch Dilution System06/22/87
282H.C. Hseuh,The AGS Cold Cathode Gauge System07/15/87
283E. Bleser,The 1987 Vertical Survey of the AGS: I08/12/87
284J. Kats,Experimental and Theoretical Study of the AGS Injection and Capture08/17/87
285J.M. Brennan,A Computer Program to Calculate the Impedance Function of the VHF Cavity and De- Qing Switch08/20/87
286D. Kasha,A Measurement of the Longitudinal Coupling Impedance of the RC Networks used at the Insulated Flanges of the AGS Vacuum Chambers08/24/87
287A.J. StevensCASIM On VAX08/25/87
288E. BleserComments on the AGS Chromaticity: II09/14/87
289R. Thern,1985-1987 Horizontal Survey & Realignment09/28/87
290K. Welch,Some Comments on the AGS Vacuum System (AGS Machine Physics Meeting,10/16/87
291Y.Y. Lee,The AGS Complex as an Antiproton Filling Station11/09/87
292W. vanAsselt Tune Measurements for the AGS and the Booster01/12/88
293E. Bleser,Data sheets for the AGS high field quad01/14/88
294E. Bleser,Data sheets for the high field chromatic sextupoles02/12/88
295Jian-lin MiTwo schemes for A-line kicker power supply01/07/88
296A.J. StevensImprovements in casim; comparison with data03/08/88
297E. AuerbachComputer models of the AGS, i: the d.c. bare machine at high fields03/07/88
298S.Y. Zhang,Discrete fourier transform description, error analysis, and its cure03/25/88
299Y.Y. Lee,A high intensity hadron facility, AGS II04/25/88
300Jian-Lin MiThe initial comparison among three schemes of programmable bipolar power supply used in the Booster correction system.06/20/88
301R.L. Witkover,The LEBT test pulse generator06/28/88
302S. SidhuQuadrupole End-Field Effects: Going Beyond the Simple Hard-Edge Approximation07/22/88
303C. MeitzlerConversion efficiency of a ring magnetron ionizer in the poni-2 polarized ion source07/25/88
304A. Zaltsman,Effect of Power Tube Aging on Phase Shift in the AGS High Frequency, High Level RF System08/05/88
305C. MeitzlerTransmission of Ho Through a Ring Magnetron Ionizer08/09/88
306K.B. HughesF-10 House Phase Shift Transformer Short Circuit Tests.09/20/88
307E. BleserThe 1988 Vertical Survey of the AGS10/14/88
308J. GabusiRemote Control of All Vacuum Sector Valves10/28/88
309J.F. RyanComputer Supported Tuning Method for MCR10/31/88
310S.V. Musolino,Radiation Survey of the AGS Ring Using the Eberline Smart Portable Model ESP-211/14/88
311Kevin B.Hughes The Alternating Current Power System X/R Ratio and Its Effect on Three-Phase Bridge Rectifier Operation01/03/89
312S.Y. Zhang,Subharmonic Ripple Reduction Limit in Multiphase Rectifiers01/12/89
313M. TanakaSimulation of the PS Slow Extraction 62 With the MAD program (CERN/PS-88-77)01/26/89
314K. Welch,The Maximum Theoretical Pressure Gradient in the AGS02/03/89
315K.M. Welch,The Stretcher Vacuum System02/13/89
316S. MusolinoThe Quality Factor and Other Considerations in Radiation Protection at the AGS02/16/89
317K. ReeceDevice Names for the AGS Complex03/06/89
318K.M Welch,Brief Comments on Test Results of Both Metal and Eastomer Vacuum Seals03/30/89
318Addendum A07/03/90
319C.R. MeitzlerA Permanent Magnet Sextupole04/24/89
320E. Auerbach,The AGS High Field Vertical Bump Magnets05/15/89
321C.J. GardnerEffective Placement of Stopband Correction Elements in an AGS Lattice05/30/89
322H.Sato (KEK) Comments on Continuous Asymmetry Measurement During Polarized Proton Acceleration06/09/89
323S.Y. ZhangSimulating Thyristor Converter08/01/89
324J.M. KatsSimple Approximation for Synchrotron Frequency08/02/89
325J.W. GlennAsynchronous Transfer of Beam Between Accelerators08/08/89
326K. PrelecAn Alternative to H Injection08/11/89
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