AGS.SN1.pdf 03/31/73 Transmission through LEBT and Tank #1 Linac Group
AGS.SN2.pdf 04/04/73 H10 FEB:  Shave Beam and Extract Fraction Bennet, et al
AGS.SN3.pdf 04/05/73 Low Field Corrections for D.C. F10 Magnet  Herrera
AGS.SN4.pdf 04/10/73 Vertical Tune with/without E10 & H10 λ/2 Bennett, et al
AGS.SN5.pdf 04/10/73 Optimization of Stacking Efficiency van Steenbergen, et al
AGS.SN6.pdf 04/10/73 Emittance Measurements at 750 keV, 10 MeV and 200 MeV Linac Group
AGS.SN7.pdf 04/12/73 Vertical Beam Size Measurement at J5 Herrera
AGS.SN8.pdf 04/12/73 Coherence Damper Tests Gill, Raka
AGS.SN9.pdf 04/16/73 Hadron Flux Near B Target Using IPDICS Balsamo, et al
AGS.SN10.pdf 04/17/73 Optimization of Stacking by Varying  βH van Steenbergen, et al
AGS.SN11.pdf 04/18/73 Effect of Cavity Tuning program on Capture Eff. Raka
AGS.SN12.pdf 04/20/73 # 2 Attempt to Extract Beam from H10 Bagley, et al
AGS.SN13.pdf 04/25/73 Vertical Beam Size Measurements at J5 Herrera
AGS.SN14.pdf 04/25/73 Check Discrepancy Between  Calculated and Expt. Emittance Claus
AGS.SN15.pdf 04/26/73 #3 Attempt to Extract Beam from H10 Bagley, et al
AGS.SN16.pdf 05/01/73 Check Emittance Measuring System in Injection Line Claus, et al
AGS.SN17.pdf 05/01/73 # 4 Attempt to Extract Beam from H10 Bennett, et al
AGS.SN18.pdf 05/01/73 Check Linearity of Multiplexor Channels in HEBT Emittance System Brown
AGS.SN19.pdf 05/05/73 Affect of Lower B on Capture Efficiency Raka, Gill
AGS.SN20.pdf 05/02/73 Affect of Tuning Various Harmonics of Low Field Dipoles Barton
AGS.SN21.pdf 05/04/73 Beam Distribution Upstream of B Target Bennett, et al
AGS.SN22.pdf 05/05/73 Triple Switch Phase Jump at Transition Raka
AGS.SN23.pdf 05/08/73 Horizontal Beam Size at F20 for Entire Accel. Cycle Herrera
AGS.SN24.pdf 05/08/73 #5 Attempt at H 10 Shaving Extraction.  SUCCESS Bagley, et al
AGS.SN25.pdf 05/10/73 Optimize H10 Magnet Position, Test Instrumentation Bennett, et al
AGS.SN26.pdf 05/14/73 Extract Fraction of Beam at H10, Observe Affect on SEB Bagley, et al
AGS.SN27.pdf 05/16/73 Measure Vertical Emittance of FEB in Test Beam Bennett, et al
AGS.SN28.pdf 05/17/73 Measure Horizontal profiles of FEB in Test Beam Bennet, et al
*AGS.SN29.pdf 05/22/73 Affect of FEB Fractional Extract on SEB Calibr. Monitors Bagley, et al
AGS.SN30.pdf 05/25/73 Horizontal Emittance at High Intensity, try I10 Extract Bennet, et al
AGS.SN31.pdf 06/15/73 Intensity of Early and Late CBM vs. Multi-turn Intensity Herrera
AGS.SN32.pdf 08/15/73 Set up of FEB Power Supply Amplitudes, Timing, Polarity Blumberg, Keane
AGS.SN33.pdf 08/21/73 Extract 9 x 1012 Beam Into Test Channel-H10 pos.vs. CBM Blumberg, et al
AGS.SN34.pdf 08/29/73 Tune AGS Raka, Gill, Herrera
AGS.SN35.pdf 09/04/73 Linear Coupling on Flattop.  Beam-induced Signal on RF Gaps Raka
AGS.SN36.pdf 09/05/73 Repeat of 5/2/73 Study of Low Field Orbit Harmonics Barton
AGS.SN37.pdf 09/12/73 Extract FEB up to 8 Bend Point Bennett, et al
AGS.SN38.pdf 09/26/73 Reproducibility of linac and HEBT Parameters van Steenbergen, et al
AGS.SN39.pdf 10/03/73 Test 30 GeV/c FEB Extraction Bennett, et al
AGS.SN40.pdf 10/03/73 Continue Check of Linac and HEBT Parameters Claus
AGS.SN41.pdf 10/03/73 Measure FEB Extraction Efficiency, Calibrate Transformers Balsamo, et al
AGS.SN42.pdf 10/06/73 Measure Aperture on 28.5 GeV/c Flattop Gill, Raka
AGS.SN43.pdf 10/24/73 Single and Multiturn Stacking Efficiency van Steenbergen, et al
*AGS.SN44.pdf 10/24/73 Reset Program of Bias Current to Cavities Cottingham, et al
AGS.SN45.pdf 11/14/73 Capture Efficiency vs. Impedance of RF Cavities Barton, et al
AGS.SN46.pdf 11/20/73 Injection Capture vs. B Herrera, Raka
AGS.SN47.pdf 12/01/73 Tune measurements using computer fit to perturbed orbit Barton
AGS.SN48.pdf 12/04/73 Intensity vs. Operating point H, νH) at Injection Barton, et al
AGS.SN49.pdf 01/14/74 Beam Tuning with low Field Corrections Herrera, Barton
AGS.SN50.pdf 01/23/74 FEB Instrumentation Tests Bennett, et al
AGS.SN51.pdf 01/24/74 Low Field Tuning.  Effect of Shorting 8 RF Cavities Raka, Gill
*AGS.SN52.pdf 02/12/74 Test Beam Transport to A target, Stability Glenn
AGS.SN53.pdf 02/20/74 Intensity vs. RF Gap Voltage on J-Station Raka
AGS.SN54.pdf 02/28/74 LESB Secondary Intensity vs. C.Target Material Glenn, S. Smith
AGS.SN55.pdf 03/05/74 Activate Triple Switch at Transition Raka
AGS.SN56.pdf 03/09/74 Vertical Beam Size at J19 vs. Time in Cycle Herrera
AGS.SN57.pdf 03/15/74 Transition Losses vs. Beam Intensity Raka
AGS.SN58.pdf 04/04/74 E15 Kicker for 9H Measurement.  Bunch Shape Osc. Raka
AGS.SN59.pdf 04/01/74 Horizontal Beam Size Measurement at F20 Herrera
AGS.SN60.pdf 04/08/74 Synchronization of MG set Frequency with Line Cottingham, et al
AGS.SN61.pdf 04/16/74 Beam Tuning to Maximize Accelerated Beam Raka, et al
AGS.SN62.pdf 05/08/74 I10 Magnet Position vs. Early CBM. I10 Extraction Keane, Cornish
AGS.SN63.pdf -- Beam Stacking to Restore Early CBM to 1.8 1013 van Steenbergen, et al
AGS.SN64.pdf 05/10/74 Beam Capture in High Voltage (150 KV peak) mode.  Horn instabil. Raka
AGS.SN65.pdf 07/1-10/74 Steering and Tuning with new Optics in LEBT van Steenbergen, et al
AGS.SN66.pdf 07/12/74 Measure Linear Coupling at 2, 14, 26 and 28.5 GeV/c Raka, Month
AGS.SN67.pdf 7/16/74 Test New Instrumentation in Linac and HEBT Batchelor, et al.
AGS.SN68.pdf 8/16/74 SEB Extraction Efficiency vs. F10 Magnet Position Blumberg, Glenn
AGS.SN69.pdf 8/20/74 Test of H20 Electrostatic Septum for SEB Bagley, et al.
AGS.SN70.pdf 9/15/74 Test of High Voltage (120 kV peak) Acceleration Raka, Gill
AGS.SN71.pdf 5/12/75 FEB Intensity Measurements with Foils, Transformers Cumming
AGS.SN72.pdf 5/27/75 Low Intensity Emittance Measurements for ISA Claus, et al.
AGS.SN73.pdf 5/3/76 SEB Efficiency with H20 Electrostatic Septum Blumberg, et al.
AGS.SN74.pdf 5/6/76

Low Intensity (~107 ppp) in -beam. Calibrate vCounter

Balsamo, et al.
AGS.SN75.pdf 11/23/76 Affect of Upstream FEB Magnets on AGS Beam Intensity Adams, et al.
AGS.SN76.pdf 12/22/76 Beam size (vertical) before and after transition with 75 mA 95 sec injected beam. Raka
AGS.SN77.pdf 12/22/76 Beam matching in HEBT IV E. Gill, LeMaire
AGS.SN78.pdf 1/3/77 Linac beam losses Witkover, et al.
AGS.SN79.pdf 1/18/76 5 GeV/c spill into B line for Exp. 703 Agoritsas, et al.
AGS.SN80.pdf 1/18,19/77 Low energy fast extracted beam in U-line Bagley, et al.
AGS.SN81.pdf 12/1,2/76 SEB-FEB sharing Gill, et al.
AGS.SN82.pdf 2/2/77 1.5 GeV/c FEB extraction Bagley, et al.
AGS.SN83.pdf 1/31/77 Beam size measurements at ISABELLE intensity; 4 X 1012/pulse Raka
AGS.SN84.pdf 3/12/77 Initial debuncher tests Sheehan
AGS.SN85.pdf 4/21/77 Linac beam bunching at 2.5 MHz (ring rf frequency) Fewell
AGS.SN86.pdf 4/23-26/77 1.5 GeV/c multi-turn FEB extraction at maximum intensity Blumberg, et al.
AGS.SN87.pdf 5/9,10/77 1.5 GeV/c FEB extraction and transport Blumberg, et al.
AGS.SN88.pdf 6/23/77 5 GeV/c low intensity slow spill for Experiment 703 Carroll, et al.
AGS.SN89.pdf 7/1/77 Extract 1.5 GeV/c FEB to U-186 Beam Stop at maximum AGS Intensity. Blumberg, et al.
AGS.SN90.pdf 7/21/77 5 GeV/c Slow Spill for Expt. 703. Carroll, et al.
AGS.SN91.pdf 7/26,27/77 1.5 GeV/c FEB Extrac. & Emitt. Blumberg, et al.
AGS.SN92.pdf 8/16,17/77 1.5 GeV/c MTX FEB Blumberg, et al.
AGS.SN93.pdf 8/31/77 Vertical Injection Matching Studies. Raka, et al.
AGS.SN94.pdf 8/8,9,11,15,26,29,31/77 Vertical Beam Size and Emittance at Low and High Intensity. Raka
AGS.SN95.pdf 9/9/77 Vertical Injection Matching Studies. Raka, et al.
AGS.SN96.pdf 9/12,13/77 1.5 GeV/c MTX FEB Engelman, et al.
AGS.SN97.pdf 9/22/77 Injection Studies (Sources of Vertical Dilution) Raka, et al.
AGS.SN98.pdf 9/28,30,10/3/77 Vertical Phase Space Dilution Studies at Injection Raka, et al.
AGS.SN99.pdf 10/6/77 Control of rf Verniers During Phaseback and Flat Top. Gill, et al.
AGS.SN100.pdf 10/14/77 Extraction Efficiency. Glenn, et al.
AGS.SN101.pdf 10/19/77 Fast Repetition Rate of AGS. Weng, Gill
AGS.SN102.pdf 10/20/77 Injection Matching and Dilution Studies LeMaire, Raka
AGS.SN103.pdf 10/17/77   Brown, Glenn
AGS.SN104.pdf 10/27/77 Investigation of A-line Transport Losses Glenn
AGS.SN105.pdf 10/20/77 Linac Emittance and Momentum Spread Variation with Current Witkover, Fewell
AGS.SN106.pdf 12/2/77 Further Investigation of A-line transport losses Brown/Glenn
AGS.SN107.pdf 12/19/77 Longitudinal Impedance Investigations at 28.5 GeV Pedersen, Raka, Gill
AGS.SN108.pdf 3/29/78 Longitudinal Phase Space Studies Raka, Gill
AGS.SN109.pdf 4/6/78 Longitudinal Impedance Measurements II Pedersen, Raka, Gill
AGS.SN110.pdf 4/13/78 Longitudinal Impedance Measurements III Pedersen, Raka, Gill
AGS.SN111.pdf 7/10/78 Radial Control of Magnetic Field or a 6.75 GeV/c Flat Top Raka, Gill,  Feltman
AGS.SN112.pdf 7/12/78 Controlling Beam Dumping Glenn
AGS.SN113.pdf 7/12-13/78 C SEC Scan and Calibration Soukas, Glenn, et al.
AGS.SN114.pdf 7/16/78 Longitudinal Impedance Measurement IV Raka, Gill
AGS.SN115.pdf 8/24/78 Longitudinal Impedance Measurement V Raka, Gill, Ahrens
AGS.SN116.pdf 10/5,7/78 Longitudinal Impedance Measurement VI Raka, Ahrens
AGS.SN117.pdf 11/27,28/78 Longitudinal Impedance Measurements Raka, Ahrens, Gill
AGS.SN118.pdf 12/22/78 Longitudinal Impedance Measurements Raka, Ahrens, Gill
AGS.SN119.pdf 2/22-3/13/79 F5 Vertical Aperture Investigation Glenn
AGS.SN120.pdf 3/21/79 Electrostatic Splitter Test in the C Line Glenn, Weisberg
AGS.SN121.pdf 1/22-2/7/79 Longitudinal Impedance Measurements Raka, Ahrens, Gill
AGS.SN122.pdf 2/22-3/7/79 Longitudinal Coupling Impedance Measurements Raka, Ahrens, Gill
AGS.SN123.pdf 4/14/79 Longitudinal Impedance Measurement at 3 BeV/c Raka, Ahrens, Gill
AGS.SN124.pdf 12/13/79 Longitudinal Phase Space Measurements Ahrens, Gill, Raka
AGS.SN125.pdf 4/80 - 8/80 SEC Response Glenn
AGS.SN126.pdf 8/5/80 Beam Profile Measurement at A171 Flag Carroll, Ewing, Glenn
AGS.SN127.pdf   SEC Response Continued Glenn
AGS.SN128.pdf   Synchronization of the AGS rf to External Oscillator at 29 GeV Raka
AGS.SN129.pdf 12/10-20/80 SEB Sizes Compared with Calculated Sizes Ryan
AGS.SN130.pdf 2/6/81 Spectrum Analysis of LL "Noise" Under Synchronization Raka, Claus, Cornacchia, Gill, Poole
AGS.SN131.pdf 5/7/81 The H5 Kicker Test Weng
AGS.SN132.pdf 6/11/81 SEB Beam Size vs. Intensity Weisberg
AGS.SN133.pdf 7/1/81 To Determine Whether or Not F5 Losses Could be Reduced by Turning on No. 13 Sextupoles Barge, Glenn
AGS.SN134.pdf 7/9/81 The AGS Gauss Clock Reproducibility Test Weng
AGS.SN135.pdf 8/5/81 D-Line Study Bunce
AGS.SN136.pdf 3/18/82 Variation of the Location of the AGS Beam Loss Radiation by Modification of the High Field Equilibrium Orbit Ahrens, Glenn
AGS.SN137.pdf 5/19/82 Polarities and Connections of High Field Straight Section Magnets in AGS Ring Barge, Feltman, Funaro, Noble, Post, Weisberg
AGS.SN138.pdf 6/7/82 U-Line Emittance Measurement at U618 by MSEM Chiang, Ryan, Smith, Weng
AGS.SN139.pdf 1/13/83 AGS Beam Blowup by Kr Gas (preliminary of E-778) Hseuh
AGS.SN140.pdf 4/13/83 Ring rf Cavity Shorting Switch--First Commissioning Ahrens, Frey, Glenn, Keane
AGS.SN141.pdf 4/20/83 Search for Intensity Limits on AGS Spiraling Beam Glenn, Gill, Ahrens
AGS.SN142.pdf 4/27/83 Vertical Beam Blowup During Slow Extraction Ahrens, Gill, Glenn
AGS.SN143.pdf 5/5/83 Inspection Main Magnet Coil with Video Therm Portable Infrared System Maint. Group, Clancy, Farrell, Tombler, Zguris
AGS.SN144.pdf 6/9/83 Linac momentum spread--a crude measurement Ahrens
AGS.SN145.pdf 6/9/83 Injection machine parameter measurement Ahrens, Glenn
AGS.SN146.pdf 6/7/83 Low intensity studies for polarized protons Sanders
AGS.SN147.pdf 6/3/83 A Measurement of HEBT momentum spread for a 20 mA H beam Barton, Reece, Witkover
AGS.SN148.pdf 5/31/83 B Line vertical beam size at the B target Glenn
AGS.SN149.pdf 3/6/83 AGS horizontal and vertical emittance vs energy Ahrens, Gill, Weisberg
AGS.SN150.pdf 5/31/83 A/D line steering Glenn
AGS.SN151.pdf 6/8,9/83 Operation at Full B Clancy, Gabusi, Gill, Glenn
AGS.SN152.pdf 6/7/83 RF Capture at Low B Raka, Gill, Weng
AGS.SN153.pdf 5/29,30/83 Losses at F10 Barge, Glenn
AGS.SN154.pdf 6/4/83 RF Capture at Zero B Gill, Raka
AGS.SN155.pdf 6/4/83 RF Capture of Prebunched Linac Beam at Zero B Ahrens, Raka, Weng
AGS.SN157.pdf 6/8,9/83 Transport of SBE Beam to the D Target Glenn, Ryan
AGS.SN158.pdf 6/9/83 and 9/30/83 Comparison of June and September Operation of SBE Chiang, Glenn, Soukas, Weng
AGS.SN159.pdf 12/22/83 Stopband Correction Studies: Bunch Shape at Injection vs Starting Oscillator Settings Raka, Gill
AGS.SN160.pdf 6/1/83 Vertical Tune Measurements at Slow Extraction Ahrens, Barge, Glenn
AGS.SN161.pdf 12/9,11,12/83 Measurements of the Radius of the AGS Beam During FEB (1.4 sec pulse rate) Barge
AGS.SN162.pdf 3/26/84 Measurement of Tune Conditions for HEBT Achromatic Bend Barton, Reece
AGS.SN163.pdf 6/4/84 Using I-10 Vertical Bump Magnet to Investigate the Clearance of H-5 Kicker Magnet Ahrens, Chiang, Gill, Glenn
AGS.SN164.pdf 6/19,20/84 SEB Spill Structure Ahrens
AGS.SN165.pdf 8/1/84 Temperature Effects of RF Cavity Tuning Frey, Woods
AGS.SN166.pdf 5/8/84 SEC Calibrations Glenn
AGS.SN167.pdf 10/22-11/5/84 Vacuum Stability Around G-20 Gas Jet Hseuh, Gabusi, E-788 Personnel
AGS.SN168.pdf 11/4/84 Effect of Interpulse Dwell and Peak Field History on Accelerated Beam Intensity Allard, Brown, Glenn
AGS.SN169.pdf 11/11/84 Temperature Effects on RF Cavity Tuning Frey, Woods
AGS.SN170.pdf 11&12/84 Testing of the PIP Monitor Gardner, Ahrens
AGS.SN171.pdf 1/8/85 The Fast Injection Bump and Machine Tunes Ahrens, Gardner
AGS.SN172.pdf 1/18/85 Further Studies of the Fast Injection Bump Ahrens, Gardner
AGS.SN173.pdf 2/10/85 E-20 Catcher Position and Skew Studies Brown
AGS.SN174.pdf 3/7/85 Polarized Proton Fast Quad Tests Ahrens, Ratner, Fast Quad Group
AGS.SN175.pdf 1/17,18/85 E-20 Beam Catcher Position and Skew Brown, Gill, Makdisi
AGS.SN176.pdf 3/15/85 Additional Position Studies on the Beam Catcher at E-20 Brown, Makdisi
AGS.SN177.pdf 2/27/85 Further Studies of the Fast Injection Bump and Comparison with Analytic Expressions and with Results from the BEAM Program Ahrens, Gardner
AGS.SN178.pdf 4/18/85 Injection Orbit Correction for Polarized Proton Acceleration Ahrens, Ratner, Skelly
AGS.SN179.pdf 3/29/85 Measurement of Circulating Beam Size with Flip Target Thern
AGS.SN180.pdf 4/24/85 Study of Higher Gap Volts at Injection Gill, Ahrens, Raka, Woods, Frey
AGS.SN181.pdf 5/22/85 To Program Power Supplies for Horizontal and Vertical High Field Quadrupole Strings to Shift Tune of AGS During Acceleration Cycle Feltman, Funaro, DiFranco
AGS.SN182.pdf 5/15/85 Tune Measurements of the AGS Ahrens, Potier, vanAsselt
AGS.SN183.pdf 5/6/85 Calibration of the HEBT Steering Dipoles (ND431, ND437) and Pitchers (NP435, NP440) Ahrens, Gardner
AGS.SN184.pdf 6/19/85 Measurements of Chromaticity and Momentum Spread at Injection in the AGS Using PIP Ahrens, Gardner
AGS.SN185.pdf 6/6/86 Contribution of F5, F10 Extraction Magnets to Slow Spill Chiang, DiFranco, Eld, Funaro, Glenn, Lockey, McNerney
AGS.SN186.pdf 4/9/85 (& later) Observation of a Secondary Beam Using a Flag and TV Camera Tombler, Weinmann Glenn
AGS.SN187.pdf 7/1,3,8/85 Quad Excitation; Function Measurement Raka, Gill, van Asselt
AGS.SN188.pdf 5/29;6/4;6/12;6/19/85 Emittance Growth Due to Scattering by the Stripping Foil Ahrens, Barton, Gardner, Gill, Potier
AGS.SN189.pdf 8/22/85 Bunch Tearing, Initial Observations Ahrens, vanAsselt, Brown, Gill, Glenn, Foelsche, Reece, Raka, Tanaka, Woods
AGS.SN190.pdf 8/23/85 A Test of the AGS Ring Vacuum System by Utilizing the E-10 IPM (Vacuum Control Leak) and by Creating Localized Beam Loss Glenn, Brown, Tanaka
AGS.SN191.pdf 10/29/85 Tuning the AGS for Minimum Phase Space Dilution at Transition: Preliminary Study of Transverse Instabilities After Transition Raka, Ahrens, Gill
AGS.SN192.pdf 11/7/85 Passing Transition with a Double Phase Jump Ahrens, Gill, Raka
AGS.SN193.pdf 12/11/85 Measurement of  Twiss Parameters and Emittance in the U line Ryan, Thern
*AGS.SN194.pdf 12/9/85 Injection Porch Setup for Heavy Ion Injection Feltman, Heimroth, Staal
AGS.SN195.pdf 12/23/85 Injection Porch Parameters for Heavy Ion Injection  Ashby, Cur to, Feltman
AGS.SN196.pdf 11/14,15/85 Extraction Losses Produced by the  H10 Septum Magnet Fringe Field Bleser, Glenn, Ingrassia, Ryan, Tanaka
AGS.SN197.pdf 11/23/85 Measurement of Emittance vs Intensity in the U line Ryan, Thern
AGS.SN198.pdf 1/10/86 Polarization and Radius Ahrens, Ratner
AGS.SN199.pdf 11/6/85 Optimum Radial and Skew Position of the E-20 Beam Catcher Brown, Tanaka
AGS.SN200.pdf 11/17/85 Tune and Chromaticity Correction Ahrens, vanAsselt
AGS.SN201.pdf 11/16/85 To Study problems associated with maintaining circulating beam on a 1 GeV flattop, in particular to construct such a flattop, accelerate beam across it, and measure tunes and chromaticities if possible. Ahrens, Gabusi, vanAsselt
AGS.SN202.pdf 3/12/86 Dependence of the Frequency on the Radius at Extraction Ahrens, Bleser, Brown, Glenn, Tanaka, Thern, vanAsselt
AGS.SN203.pdf 3/25/86 Destruction Limits of Aluminum and Boron Carbide Targets Bleser, Naase, Thern
AGS.SN204.pdf 3/19,4/1,8/86 Study of the AGS Tune Control, Especially at Extraction Ahrens, vanAsselt
AGS.SN205.pdf 4/24/86 Pressure Bump Effects on the High Intensity Beam Tanaka, Gill, Glenn, Ahrens
AGS.SN206.pdf 6/14/86 Measurement of Chromaticities and Eddy Current Effects at Low Fields Ahrens, vanAsselt
AGS.SN207.pdf 5/1/86 Measurement of the Influence of the - quads Ahrens, Gardner, Tanaka, vanAsselt
AGS.SN208.pdf 7/11/86 Transition Jump Using _____ Produced by the Polarized Proton Fast Quadrupoles Ahrens, Raka, Ratner, Yamin
AGS.SN209.pdf 7/1,6,7,/86 Emittance Measurements in Heavy Ion Transfer Line Sidhu, Barton
AGS.SN210.pdf 7/17/86 RFQ Repetition Rate Brennan, LoDestro, Russo
AGS.SN211.pdf 7/2-29/86 Interim Report on Vertical Survey Bleser
AGS.SN212.pdf 7/11/86 Using the Linac Beam to Survey HEBT Quadrupole Magnets, Linac Position Monitors and SEM Units Reece
AGS.SN213.pdf 7/9,20/86 Tune Measurement and Nu-Quad Calibration at H-and Heavy-Ion (08+) Injection Fields Gardner
AGS.SN214.pdf 7/7,12/86 Direct Observation of Primary PUE Signals Brennan, Ahrens
AGS.SN215.pdf 12/9/86 To Explore the Potential of the Presently Installed Horizontal Sextupoles for Chromaticity Correction Lee, Ahrens, Gill, vanAsselt
AGS.SN216.pdf 10/27, 11/1,11/86 The working Line During Oxygen Acceleration vanAsselt
AGS.SN217.pdf 12/11/86 Orbit Changes from Moving Magnets E17 and K15 Ahrens, Bleser, Gill, Tanaka, Thern
AGS.SN218.pdf 12/18/86 Polarized Proton Quad Positions I Ahrens, Ratner
AGS.SN219.pdf 12/17/86 SEB Extraction Study I - Calibrations of the Ring Loss Monitor (RLM) and the Secondary Emission Chamber (SEC) by Changing the Electrostatic Septum Position and Skew (H2OUS/DS) Bleser, Glenn, Tanaka, Thern
AGS.SN220.pdf 1/4,27/87 Latest Results from Studies of Induced Radioactivity Brown, Tanaka
AGS.SN221.pdf 1/22/87 Tune Measurements at Injection, and Comparison with Similar Measurements Made in July, 1986. Gardner
AGS.SN222.pdf 1/16,26;2/4/87 SEB Extraction Study II - Investigations of the Apparent Beam Intensity Dependence of Extraction Efficiency Bleser, Chiang, Glenn, Tanaka, Thern
AGS.SN223.pdf 1/26-3/3/87 Radiation Levels at the Possible Bunch Dilution Cavity/Diode Locations Frey
AGS.SN224.pdf 1/1/-3/1/87 Observation and Measurement of Linear Coupling in the AGS vanAsselt, Gardner
AGS.SN225.pdf 3/2/87 Calibration of the Stripped Electron Collector--Status Report Ahrens, Castillo, Reece
AGS.SN226.pdf 6/7/87 Measurement of Chromaticity at H Injection Momentum with a  D.C. Power Supply Connected to the Main Magnets Gardner, Gill, vanAsselt
AGS.SN227.pdf 6/1/87 Study of the Effect on Injection of D.C. Powering F10 Extraction Septum Magnet Gill, Glenn, Funaro, Gardner, vanAsselt
AGS.SN228.pdf 6/5/87 Gamma-Transition Studies Ahrens, Raka, Ratner
AGS.SN229.pdf 3/1/87 SEB Extraction Study III - Measurement of Extraction Efficiency During the Spill Bleser, Glenn, Tanaka, Thern
AGS.SN230.pdf 6/11/87 Polarized Proton Quad - E.O. Position Measurement Ahrens, Ratner
AGS.SN231.pdf 1/21/87 & 2/3/87 HEBT Steering Reece, Ahrens
AGS.SN232.pdf 6/12/87 RLRM Response and Prototype Test Bennett, Zaminski
AGS.SN233.pdf 8/5/87 The BS as a Monitor of Injection Field Reproducibility Gill, Ahrens, Gardner
AGS.SN234.pdf 10/1,2/87 Moving Magnets to Cancel 9th Harmonic (Horizontal) Ahrens, Auerbach, Bleser, Thern, vanAsselt
AGS.SN235.pdf 10/1,3/87 Orbits at Various Tunes Ahrens, Thern, vanAsselt
AGS.SN236.pdf 2/17/88 Flattop  Frequency Studies for the VHF Cavity; Stability, Reproducibility, Resolution Brennan, Gabusi, Gill, Zaltsman
AGS.SN237.pdf 1/22/88 Polarization Measurement Using the Internal Polarimeter without a measuring porch Ahrens


AGS.SN238.pdf 2/17/88 Stopband Measurements in the AGS (I) vanAsselt, Gardner, Gill
AGS.SN239.pdf 3/25/88 P Quad - E.O. Position. Measurement  II. Ahrens, Ratner
AGS.SN240.pdf 5/18,19/88 Gamma-Transition, Yet Again Ahrens, Yamin, (Ratner)
AGS.SN241.pdf 5/19/88 B Servo System Measurement and Modeling Zhang, Soukas, Sandberg, Feltman, Gabusi
AGS.SN242.pdf 5/14/88 Flattop Tune and Chromaticity Measurements for 24 GeV/c SEB. Brown
AGS.SN243.pdf 9/20/88 SEB Slow Spill Servo System Measurement Zhang, Soukas, Feltman, Gabusi
AGS.SN244.pdf 10/6/88; 10/26/88 Radiation Levels Near the E-20 Catcher Bleser, Colichio, Levine
AGS.SN245.pdf 11/21/88 AGS Shield Tests Brown, Glenn, Musolino, Stevens, Thern
AGS.SN246.pdf 11/21,23,25/88 Measuring the Momentum of the AGS Beam Allard, Bleser, DiFranco, Ryan, Sparrow, Thern, vanAsselt
AGS.SN247.pdf 12/22/88 Detection of Radiation from Loss of Silicon Beam of Various Momenta  
AGS.SN248.pdf 12/17/88 Effects of Transition on Debunching and Spill Observations and Conclusions  
AGS.SN249.pdf 2/15/89 Instabilities on the Booster Front Porch Gill, Raka, Brennan, Ahrens
AGS.SN250.pdf 3/16/88 Tune Space Measurements Ratner, vanAsselt
AGS.SN251.pdf 4/12/89 Longitudinal Instability on 1.5 GeV (KE) Flattop Ahrens, Glenn, Gill, Reece, Raka, vanAsselt
AGS.SN252.pdf 11/88; 12/88; 3/89; 4/89 Progress in Commissioning the Very High Frequency (VHF) Cavity Reece, Ahrens, Brennan, vanAsselt, Zaltsman
AGS.SN253.pdf 4/89 Beam Heating of Ferrite Magnets Frey, Lee, vanAsselt
AGS.SN254.pdf 3/30; 5/1/89 Phase Spread in the High Level RF System Brennan, Zaltsman
AGS.SN255.pdf 5/27/89 Survival Test of Wires in H-20 Septum Bleser, Thern, Brown
AGS.SN256.pdf 5/26/89 Further Progress in Commissioning the Very High Frequency (VHF) Cavity Reece, Ahrens, vanAsselt, Zaltsman
AGS.SN257.pdf 4/22/88 (yes, 1988!) Measurement of the Equilibrium Orbit Distortion Produced by the Low-Field Dipoles in the AGS Ahrens, vanAsselt, Gardner
AGS.SN258.pdf 5/29/89 Vertical Chromaticity Study at 4.5 GeV/c in the AGS Ratner, Ahrens
AGS.SN259.pdf 6/28/89 Beam Losses on Si+14 Injection Due to Ambient Gases and Contrived CO2 Pressures in the AGS Gill, Ahrens, Welch
AGS.SN260.pdf Spring 1988 Stopband Measurements in the AGS (II) vanAsselt, Gardner
AGS.SN261.pdf 410/90 Exploring the VHF Cavity Parameter Space (1990) Ahrens, Kats, Reece
AGS.SN262.pdf 5/4/90 Growth Rate of Longitudinal Instability on 1.77 GeV (2.71 GeV Total) Flattop Raka, Brennan, Ahrens, Gill
AGS.SN263.pdf 6/19/91 Booster Extraction (F3) Kicker: Kick Measurement Using the Beam Ahrens, Blaskiewicz, Zhang
AGS.SN264.pdf 6/19,26,27/91 Chromaticity Measurements at the AGS Booster Ahrens, vanAsselt
AGS.SN265.pdf 5/7/92 Measurement of Beam Loss of Au+78 at 267 MeV/ in CO2 Pressure Bumps and the Calculated Charge Exchange Cross Sections Gill, Hseuh
AGS.SN266.pdf 6/3/92 Orbits Produced by Individual Extraction Bump Magnets Ahrens, Blaskiewicz, Bleser
AGS.SN267.pdf 6/3/92 Calibration of  Booster Extraction Bump Magnets Ahrens, Blaskiewicz, Bleser
AGS.SN268.pdf 8/7/92 Response of the Booster Loss Monitor System for Beam Dumps at Various Intensities and Energies Ahrens
AGS.SN269.pdf 7/9/92 Chromaticity Measurements in the AGS Booster Ahrens, vanAsselt
AGS.SN270.pdf 6/2/92 Calibration of Booster Extraction Bump Magnet Readbacks Ahrens, Blaskiewicz, Bleser
AGS.SN271.pdf 8/6/92 Impedance of Booster Band II Cavity and Associated Instabilities Blaskiewicz, Brennan, Ratti
AGS.SN272.pdf 8/6/92 Calibration of IPM Using the Flying Septum Bleser, Brown, Ingrassia, Kraemer, Laster, Sparrow, Stillman
AGS.SN273.pdf Summer 1992 Observation and Correction of Resonance Stopbands in the AGS Booster: 1992 Gardner
AGS.SN274.pdf Various Synopsis of BTA Steering Data and Future Directions Blaskiewicz, Glenn
AGS.SN275.pdf 6/9/92 & 6/29/92 Emittance Measurements of 200 MeV Proton Beam in the LTB Transfer Line Roser, Skelly
AGS.SN276.pdf 11/24/92 Examination of Booster Injection Foils Bleser, Brodowski
AGS.SN277.pdf 3/9-12/93 Matching Between LTB and Booster Reece, Roser, Thern, Tanaka, Garczynski, Wei, Deng, (+MCR)
AGS.SN278.pdf 3/19,24/93 Calibration of Booster Extraction Bumps Ahrens, Bleser, Tanaka, Thern (+MCR)
AGS.SN279.pdf 3/11/93 Foil Position Calibration Gardner, Ratner, Roser
AGS.SN280.pdf 3/7/93 Orbit Harmonics vs Tune in the Booster Brown, Murdock, Tanaka, Whalen, Zeno
AGS.SN281.pdf 4/8/93 Measurement of C-5 and A-4 Eddy Current Correctors Whalen, Bleser
AGS.SN282.pdf 4/14,17/93 Half Integer Stopband Width of the Booster Gardner, Shoji
AGS.SN283.pdf 4/10/93 Calibration of the Booster F6 Ejector Septum Tanaka, Thern, Zeno
AGS.SN284.pdf 3/24/93 Calibration of the Booster F3 Kicker and Measurements of Horizontal Dynamical Aperture at the F6 Ejector Bleser, Tanaka, Thern, MCR
AGS.SN285.pdf 4/10/93 Measurement of Vertical Beam Size at the F6 Extraction Septum Using Radiation Losses Tanaka, Thern, Zeno
AGS.SN286.pdf 4/30/93 & 5/2/93 Stopband Correction of the AGS Booster 14th Normal Sextupole Correction Gardner, Shoji
AGS.SN287.pdf 3/28 & 5/7/93 Stopband Correction of the AGS Booster 2Qx=9 Correction Data Before May 7 Gardner, Shoji
AGS.SN288.pdf 3/28-5/7/93 Stopband Correction of the AGS Booster 2Qy-9 Correction Data Before May 7 Gardner, Shoji
AGS.SN289.pdf 4/1,11,23/93 Stopband Correction of the AGS Booster Integer Coupling (Qx+Qp=9) Correction Data Gardner, Shoji
AGS.SN290.pdf 4/3,5/93 Stopband Correction of the AGS Booster Tune Space Survey at the Low Intensity (1) Gardner, Shoji
AGS.SN291.pdf 4/19 & 5/12/93 Stopband Correction of the AGs Booster Observed Loss by 4th Resonance Gardner, Shoji
AGS.SN292.pdf 4/30/93 Stopband Correction of the AGS Booster Harmonic Component of C.O.D. Gardner, Shoji
AGS.SN293.pdf 4/27,28;5,7/93 Stopband Correction of the AGS Booster 9th Normal Sextupole Correction Test Gardner, Shoji
*AGS.SN294.pdf 7/9/93 Stopband Correction of the AGS Booster 9th Skew Sextupole Correction Test Gardner, Shoji
*AGS.SN295.pdf 5/7,12/93 Stopband Correction of the AGS Booster Skew Sextupole Correction for 3Qy=14 and 3y+2Qx=14  
*AGS.SN296.pdf 5/20/93 Stopband Correction of the AGS Booster Tune Space Survey at the Low Intensity (2) Gardner, Shoji
AGS.SN297.pdf 5/28-6/4/93 Stopband Correction of the AGS Booster Intensity Dependence of Resonances Gardner, Shoji
AGS.SN298.pdf 5/26/93 Stopband Correction of the AGS Booster Quadrupole and Sextupole Correction Parameters for 2Qy=9 Gardner, Shoji
AGS.SN299.pdf 7/14/93 Stopband Correction of the AGS Booster The Effect of the Skew Sextupole Correction Gardner, Shoji
AGS.SN300.pdf 7/23-25/93 Stopband Correction of the AGS Booster Structure Resonances Gardner, Shoji
AGS.SN301.pdf 2/19-8/20/93 Total Protons Incident on Booster Dump Bleser, Ingrassia, Laster
AGS.SN302.pdf 9/15,30,10/3/93 SEB Extraction Efficiency for Au+77 and Au+79 Brown, Tanaka, Bleser, Carolan, Glenn
AGS.SN303.pdf 10/14-18/93 Signal Induced on the Booster Current Transformers by Pulsing the C7 Fast Injection Magnet Ahrens
AGS.SN304.pdf 4/4/93 Measurement of Coherent Space Charge Tune Shifts in the Booster vanAsselt
AGS.SN305.pdf 4-7/93 Stopband Correction of the AGS Booster Down Feed Matrix Gardner, Shoji
AGS.SN306.pdf 9/28,29/93 Gold 77+ Extraction Momentum Measurement Ahrens, vanAsselt
AGS.SN307.pdf 4-7/93 Stopband Correction of the AGS Booster C.O.D. Analysis Gardner, Shoji
AGS.SN308.pdf 4-7/93 Stopband Correction of the AGS Booster Down Feed Effect Observed at the AGS Booster and Octupole Imperfection Gardner, Shoji
AGS.SN309.pdf 10/1/93(1000-1030) SEB Extraction Efficiency as a Function of the Drive Sextupole Strength Carolan, Tanaka
AGS.SN310.pdf 10/8,14,15 & 9/22/93 Measurements of Longitudinal Emittance of Au77 in the AGS Brennan, Deng, Rose
AGS.SN311.pdf 10/15/93 Trimming Longitudinal Emittance of Au77+in the AGS Brennan, Deng, Rose
AGS.SN312.pdf Various Emittance Measurements in the LTB and BTA Lines Sampson
AGS.SN313.pdf 4/10/94 (0900-2100) Measurements of d (h*frev) / dR and Eh Thern, Tanaka, Bleser, Williams, Zeno Carolan, Whalen
AGS.SN314.pdf 4/1/94 Normalized Emittance Measurements Using a Current Transformer Signal of Spiraling Beam Zeno
AGS.SN315.pdf Various AGS Stopbands Ahrens, Blaskiewicz, Gardner, vanAsselt
AGS.SN316.pdf 7/12-14/94 Continued Search for the Source of the North Conjunction Area Muon Radiation--Shielding the H20 Electrostatic Septum Ahrens, Glenn
AGS.SN317.pdf 9/15 & 22/94 Booster Studies of Au+15 Losses Blaskiewicz, Ahrens
AGS.SN318.pdf 10/12/94 AGS Working Points for AtR, MS I Ahrens, Brown, Gill, vanAsselt, Tanaka
AGS.SN319.pdf 6/30/94 Switchyard Losses and Transport Efficiency for High Intensity Protons with Unsplit Beams Glenn, Laster, Brown
AGS.SN320.pdf 3-7/94 Daily Log Summary for Proton Run from March to July, 1994 Bleser
AGS.SN321.pdf 3-9/94 Daily Log Summary II: BTA Steering Bleser
*AGS.SN322.pdf 3-7/94 Daily Log Summary III:  BTA Vertical Emittance Bleser
AGS.SN323.pdf 3-7/94 Daily Log Summary IV:  BTA Horizontal Steering and Emittance Bleser
AGS.SN324.pdf 3-7/94 The BTA Horizontal Orbit as a Function of the Booster Extraction Point Bleser
AGS.SN325.pdf 3/12/95 Steering in the BTA with the F6 Septum Magnet Bleser
AGS.SN326.pdf 3/11,12/95 Vertical Bump at E-20 Gill, Soukas
AGS.SN327.pdf 4/3/95 Dependence of the F6 BTA Extraction Magnet on Both User 1 and User 3 Bleser
AGS.SN328.pdf 5/2/95 AGS Stopbands II Blaskiewicz, Glenn
AGS.SN329.pdf 1/17& 26 & 4/14/95 Transport Efficiency and Target SEC Calibrations for SEB Beam Lines Brown,  Glenn
AGS.SN330.pdf 5/2 & 25/95 AGS Stopbands III Blaskiewicz, Glenn
AGS.SN331.pdf 6/20/95 Linac to Booster (LTB) Steering Williams, Bleser
AGS.SN332.pdf 6/18/95 Measurement of the Sextupole String "Center" on the AGS Injection Porch Ahrens, Whalen, Williams, Tamminga
AGS.SN333.pdf 6/7/95 Margin Check for BTA Magnet Currents Glenn, Zeno
AGS.SN334.pdf 5/11 & 6/15/95 Testing the New FEB Bumps Ahrens, Dunbar, Glenn, Tanaka
AGS.SN335.pdf 6/16/95 SBE Beam Profile Tanaka,  Zhang
AGS.SN336.pdf 2/9-9/7/94 Report on Protons Incident on Booster Dump in 1994 Bleser, Ingrassia
AGS.SN337.pdf 12/21-5/17/95 Interim Report on Protons Incident on Booster Dump in 1995 Bleser, Ingrassia
AGS.SN338.pdf 6/7/95 (Midnight Shift) Extraction and Transport of Protons to Emulate 1 GeV/c/nucleon Iron Ions Ahrens, Glenn, Williams
AGS.SN339.pdf 12/18/95 AGS Extraction Radius Revisited -- Au77+ Ahrens
AGS.SN340.pdf 6/95 Beam Losses Associated with the Booster-to-AGS Transfer and AGS Accumulation (1995)  
AGS.SN341.pdf 12/10/95 Increasing Extraction Efficiency of Au77+ Beam Using H20 Brown, Marr, Tamminga
AGS.SN342.pdf 11/29/95 Performance of SEB Ion Chamber During FY1996 11.8 GeV/c/n Au79+ Run Brown
AGS.SN343.pdf 2/3/96 Verification of the BTA Model Sampson
AGS.SN344.pdf 10/17/93 Reversible Bunch Rotation in the AGS Brennan, Deng, Rose
AGS.SN345.pdf 5/15/96 Calibration of Target SECs Based on Single Beam Transports Brown, Glenn
AGS.SN346.pdf 3/1-6/15/96 SEC Efficiency vs Integrated Beam Intensity Chiang
AGS.SN347.pdf 7/6/96(1100-1300) Booster Loss Monitor Sensitivity Ahrens
AGS.SN348.pdf 5/15 & 5/20/96 AGS Loss Monitor System Response Measurement on the Injection Porch Ahrens, Tamminga
AGS.SN349.pdf 6/25/96 (2000-2100) "BtA" Losses 25 June 96 at 8PM Ahrens
AGS.SN350.pdf 4/16-6/27/96 Proton Beam Emittance in the BTA Line MCR Staff, Zhang
AGS.SN351.pdf 6/26/96 Beam Loss Pattern at DH4 in the BTA Line Sampson, Zhang
AGS.SN352.pdf 6/25/96 Quadrupole Steering Effect in the BTA Line Sampson, Zhang
AGS.SN353.pdf 1/24/97 Gold Injection into the Booster: Beam Survival as the Length of the Tandem Current Pulse is Varied Ahrens
AGS.SN354.pdf 2/2/97 Gold Beam Survival on a Magnetic Porch at Booster Injection Ahrens, Zeno
AGS.SN355.pdf 11/26,12/27/96;1/9/97 AGS Programmed B Field vs. Hall Probe and Gauss Clock Readbacks Glenn
AGS.SN356.pdf 6/8,9/96 Linac Beam Momentum Spread Whalen, Zhang
AGS.SN357.pdf 1/9/97 (1200-1300) Gold Beam BTA Transfer Sampson, Huang, Zhang
AGS.SN358.pdf Various Gold Beam Transverse Emittance Huang, Sampson, Stillman, Zhang
AGS.SN359.pdf 6/19/95 Comments on Studies Report No. 322 Bleser
AGS.SN360.pdf Various Booster Horizontal and Vertical Aperture Zhang
AGS.SN361.pdf 7/18-22/97 A problem found with Low Momentum Multiple Bunch Extraction into the U Line Ahrens, Roser, Glenn
AGS.SN362.pdf 7/8,9/97 Calibration of the G-10 Loss Monitor Ahrens, vanAsselt
AGS.SN363.pdf 11/11-12/23/96 Protons Incident on the Booster Dump in 1996 Bleser, Ingrassia
AGS.SN364.pdf 12/23/96 - 9/10/97 Protons Incident on the Booster Dump in 1997 Bleser, Ingrassia
AGS.SN365.pdf 10/21-24/97 A Study of the Effect of Linear Coupling on the Injection Ion into the Booster  
AGS.SN366.pdf 10/15,27,/97 Fe (6+) and Fe (10+) Booster Losses Blaskiewicz, Ahrens
AGS.SN367.pdf 10/25/97 Scanning the New TTB Slits Ahrens, Zhang, Benjamin
AGS.SN368.pdf 11/1-14/97 AGS Main Magnet Field Measurement using Polarized Protons E880 Group
AGS.SN369.pdf 1/13/97 Booster Gold Beam Injection Efficiency and Beam Loss Zhang, Ahrens
AGS.SN370.pdf Various Booster Vacuum Measurements for Gold Beam Injection Ahrens, Gardner, Zhang
AGS.SN371.pdf 6/19/98 Anomalous Beam Motion in the TTB Line, and the "Getter-Strip" Hypothesis Ahrens, et al
AGS.SN372.pdf 4&5/98 Studies of Heavy Ion Injection with Linear Coupling (1998) Gardner, Ahrens, Zeno
AGS.SN373.pdf 4/28/98 Gold Beam Loss at the Booster Ahrens, Zhang
AGS.SN374.pdf 12/6/99 Silicon Intensity Dependence of BTA Profile Shape Ahrens, Gardner, Wei, Zeno, Zhang
AGS.SN375.pdf 1/13/2000 Booster Fault Study for the BAF Penetration Site Gardner, Ahrens, Glenn, Kozak, Ryan
AGS.SN376.pdf 7/13/2000 Booster Fault Study (No. 13) for Generic Areas on the Berm Not Monitored by Chipmunks Ahrens, Boland, Gardner, Glenn, Karns
AGS.SN377.pdf 7/13/2000 Further Studies of Coupled Injection in Booster Ahrens, Gardner, Zeno
AGS.SN378.pdf 7/27/2000 Tandem Gold Beam Two Injections Study at the Booster Benjamin, Steski, Zeno, Zhang

NOTE: * Files with the red star are unscannable. If you need a hard copy please email Mary Campbell